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WARNING – Be aware of Job Scams! Recently the job scams e-mails increased dramatically. If a big company is sending you a job application – make sure to check the phone number, address, e-mail address. Go to the ORIGINAL website of this company and CALL THEM. If you have any suspicions – do not call the number which was provided in the e-mail – this number may have nothing to do with a real company. Also, check the e-mail address, is it Gmail, Yahoo or whatever? Big companies have CORPORATE e-mail (Like we do – for example). Be aware, free cheese can be only in the mousetrap.



Private Investigator in Los Angeles County

Licensed, Bonded & Insured

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Serving area: Los Angeles County
Services: All types of investigation & background checks


$85/hour ($75/h for 15+ hours)
Surveillance/ Cheating spouse/Workers Comp

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