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Blue Systems International (BSI) is a team of former state and federal law enforcement investigators with combined experience of over 100 years. The private investigation agency is licensed, insured and bonded.

We have access to the most advanced and sophisticated tools and systems in the investigation industry. Thus, we are able to provide our clients with accurate and outstanding results. In addition, our investigative efforts reach throughout the United States. Therefore, allowing BSI to conduct international as well as comprehensive background checks upon demand. All of our agreements and contracts bind the firm with a confidentiality clause and all of our clients’ information is kept confidential at the highest level and priority. Likewise, all of our communication is through a secured system on our website making the availability, integrity, and confidentiality of your content fail-safe.

Our lead investigator, “MJ”, has been a legal investigator working with professional attorneys on family law, criminal law, car accidents, personal injury, civil litigation, employment law and more for over 20 years. We use the most advanced technology and investigative techniques available in the industry. Our service to the community, whether provided to individuals or businesses, is always outstanding.

We assist in crime scene investigation and use our experience in private investigations to find evidence of all types of fraud, including financial fraud and internet fraud. We conduct business investigations to find instances where those with a fiduciary duty have failed to act with due diligence.

Whether locating missing persons or investigating possible infidelity, we use discretion and professionalism. We pride ourselves on our communication skills and will work diligently with you to be sure the forms we fill out accurately reflect your needs and the messages you wish to convey. We provide high-quality services with a quick turn-around time. Paralegals are on staff and can assist with filling out legal forms and preparing court pleadings. They can explain complex legal terms and processes to you in an understandable way.

Whether we are sitting in a hot car in the Southern California sun conducting old-fashioned surveillance or using our in-vehicle internet access, our service to you is beyond reproach. We are discreet and always keep in mind the best interest of our client.

Our clients include lawyers who need help preparing their cases. Corporations and companies who may need assistance in many areas, including finding evidence of fraudulent activity. We often are involved in emergency situations when law enforcement is unable to assist.

Background checks are becoming more necessary every day. Human resource departments call upon us to investigate the background of job applicants to see if they have really done what they claim and if they are who they say they are. Landlords call upon us to do background checks of prospective tenants in order to avoid a costly eviction process at a later date.

Whatever your investigative needs are, we are ready to help. We serve you with dignity and loyalty. Call us for more information to see how we can work to meet your needs in the most efficient and stress-free way.

Our private investigators are a team of professionals, conducting complete on-site investigations, as well as comprehensive data investigations. These Private Investigations include but are not limited to Corporate Investigation, White collar crimes, Fraud, Criminal Investigation, Missing Persons, Child Custody, Child Support, Asset Searches, Matrimonial and Divorce, Surveillance, GPS Tracking, Electronic Countermeasures, Debugging and Computer Forensics.

With combined experience of over 100 years; in the private investigations, paralegal services & polygraphs. We are committed to our clients’ privacy and conduct our investigations and security assignments with complete discretion. We are Advanced Group of Investigators, proud of the caliber of personnel within our organization, all trained by law enforcement and investigation experts, and most are current or former members of the law enforcement and military community. We know the challenges that everyone faces today; Not knowing the truth can drive you crazy and insane! Find out the truth today and call us right now at 714-592-8000. We can serve you in the following areas.

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We investigate several types of cases including:


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