Missing Lady from Los Angeles

Missing Lady Please Help and share with everyone.  Nina’s husband is crying and begging for help to find his beloved wife. 

Antoinette (NINA ) Lonigro has brown shoulder length hair with grey on top

White Female Caucasian lady 

approximately 100-110 lbs

Age:  56 years old 

Caucasian lady , approximately 100-110 lbs

The missing lady named Nina went missing on June 29, 2019 from South Los Angeles County. 

Photo of missing lady named Nina

Missing lady named Nina went missing from south Los Angeles

More Photos will be posted

Nina was last seen in  south Los Angeles around 50 Street and Broadway at the intersection.  The cross streets where she was last seen have been searched and there is no sign of her.  She has severe mental illness, she may not be coherent or capable of understanding where she is or the situation she is in . She is a Caucasian lady , approximately 100-110 LBSand has brown shoulder length hair with grey on top.  The missing lady, Nina was wearing a long white sundress with black stripes . She was released from the hospital without correct medication or supervision and without any escort back home . She is a new resident of this area and does not know her way around. We are desperately looking for Nina. 

The missing lady’s cell phone was found in south Los Angeles on Avalon and Vernon St; At the el pollo loco.  A hispanic man answered her phone  and refused to return it.  We decided to have  a Spanish  translator on the phone communicating with the man who found the missing lady’s phone and we had even offered $100.00;. However the man refused to return the phone at any price. The man said that he wants to keep the phone. The Los Angeles County private investigators are in the process of locating the cell phone, that belongs to the missing lady.  The Los Angeles private investigators believe that the man who has the missing lady’s (NINA) phone is some how responsible for her disappearance.

Please help us find this missing lady who her husband is crying and begging for help to find his beloved wife.  Nina, the missing lady is described as 5’6, brown hair, 110 LBS; Diagnosed as follows:  physcosis / schizophrenic/ bipolar with out her medication. This missing lady is lost somewhere and in shock; Or being held without her . The physician gave her a shot of 400 mg of ability and that is an antipsychotic medication and is allergic to antipsychotics; And they only kept her for 1 1/2 days and didn’t even keep her for a 72 hour hold for suicide watch.  Psychiatrist and Psychologist in Los Angeles County should be held responsible for the unethical release of mentally ill patient. 

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