Client Intake Form

Client Intake Forms are essential parts of the Investigative Process. A Client Intake Form collects general and extensive Information from an Individual to build a Client File. Inquiring Clients are required to provide information starting from name, phone number, and address ranging to occupation and Type of Investigation interested in. Being one of the first means of communication, Client Intake Forms make as an effective way for Investigators to gain initial insight on individual cases. Therefore making all information collected pertinent to the prospective case. All information should be filled out honestly and to the best of the individual’s legal knowledge.

Use the Client Intake Form to provide Blue Systems International with the necessary information to take on your case and get in touch with you to get you started as a client.

Please answer all questions to the best of your ability and knowledge. If you do not know the answer or the question does not apply to you, Please skip it and go to the next question. Please make sure to click on submit in order for our office to receive your intake form. 

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