Verification the candidates for the job

Checking job candidates


At the organization of personnel screening procedures should be clearly answer two questions. Firstly, who  check? And the second question – how to check? Properly formulated answers guarantee a high degree of effectiveness of interventions. Someone check? All candidates capable of inflicting real damage the organization. Damage may be expressed in various forms. For example, theft of property. Sometimes one of the main objectives of the candidate job – collecting certain confidential information. Its buyer may be competing organizations, and criminal organizations or the state. All curious to know what is happening within the organization. Another group of threats connected with personal and professional qualities of the candidate. For example, the head of the department of advertising in a large printing company got a man who had never engaged in the planning and implementation of advertising campaigns. But numerous records in his employment record claimed the opposite. Within six months, until he was fired for the collapse of the department, he actively learned the intricacies of the organization of the advertising company. During his six-month “training”, he regularly received high “scholarship” (salary) and could work out the various elements of the advertising company in practice. As a result of its activity the company’s profit declined several times. In other organizations, the director of any serious difficulties when dealing with tax authorities, when it became clear that the chief accountant is registered in the mental hospital. True director learned about it three days before the date of the annual balance sheet, when the chief accountant, together with all documents, locked himself in his apartment and categorically refused to give the documents. Seize documents by force, without violating the Criminal Code, it was extremely difficult. How to check? The depth and scope of validation depends on the candidate of the damage that it can actually cause the organization, if hired. There are three levels of verification of the candidate: light, medium and deep.

Detective Agency ” Blue Systems” (Orange County, California) verification the candidates for the job , including workers and management staff positions. Most relevant profession, it is recommended to check: accountants, managers, senior managers,  as well as unskilled workers, who have access to the goods or money.

Detective agency also will inspect the house personnel – nannies, housekeepers, guards, teachers, tutors.

This service allows you to before you got a man, identified the following factors:

Complete data on the candidate (specifications, guidelines);
The presence of civil or criminal liability;
Registered in drug treatment, psychological and other clinics;
Just check service personnel includes checking the candidate polygraph;
According to customer produce additional activities.
Using this service, you will not be admitted into the ranks of his inner circle of potential scammers, swindlers, thieves, or simply inadequate people. We competently and quickly gather all the information on the candidate.

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