Pre-employment history checks

pre-employment history checks

pre-employment history checks

Imagine you’re working to hire a security officer. As you work on hiring them, questions arise about the person working to keep you and others safe. Do they have a criminal history? Are they who they say they are? Do they pose a threat to anyone? Luckily, background checks can provide answers to all these questions in order to provide a safe and knowledgeable experience.

Background checks are an essential part of creating a secure and accurate database that can be utilized for numerous things in different agencies. Background checks can be used to research someone’s criminal history, financial records, or even simply to check their employment history.

Pre-employment history checks are a commonly utilized form of Background check. Through completion of a pre-employment history check, the employer is able to gain access to see criminal history, workers compensation claims, or even employer sanctions- which may aide greatly in the hiring process.

Other types, such as Credit Checks, can help businesses see if an applicant is a reasonable fit for purchase. This is a great way to check to see if someone is fiscally responsible- if they’ve paid their rent on time, their car bill, or if they have a significant amount of debt. This process can be essential when someone is applying to be a renter, or looking for a loan.

For jobs that have duties requiring operation of heavy machinery, often times Driving Record checks can help. With permission, this allows employers to see how safe of a driver the applicant is. The motor vehicle report often includes the status of the drivers license, traffic incidents, DUIs that are in public record, and other important information like any traffic law violations or convictions.

These types of background checks are just the beginning of a plethora of information that can be provided in order to ensure a safe and knowledgeable experience. Background checks can be quintessential in legal cases, hiring new employees, and ensuring the general safety of ones company.

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