Private Investigator Finds the Truth

The truth can be a gift that includes a surprise and devastating at the same time; Especially when you learn that the closest person to you is the one betraying and making you sick.

What I have learned from the wise words of his holiness Pope SHENOUDA 3 rd; The blessed, late Coptic Orthodox Pope

I remember an old saying from my psychiatry courses in College; “Life is action and “Reaction”. A problem or conflict is initiated, which is “action” and ”reaction” is how you address and deal with it.

Don’t let any problem, crisis or anything control and move you. Your way of thinking 🤔 can cause you all the suffering, problems and damages; And not the outside conflict or catastrophe that you are experiencing. For example, if you were a “Rock” and a storm or fire 🔥 attacked you then it won’t damage or harm you. Change the way that you’re thinking and you’ll be more relaxed, happy and pleased. You can always pray and ask the merciful lord for blessings to help you face the crisis and solve it.

Control your thoughts and don’t think too much since it will cloud your reaction time and thinking. Correct thinking is very important in order not to convince yourself of a twisted solution that will cause you more conflicts. Don’t fix a conflict with a problem; Two wrongs don’t make a right. More evil and twisted solutions are actually adding more problems and conflict to your crisis.

Remember to always look deep and examine yourself in order to make sure that your soul, mind, and spirit are with God and you’re on the right path and that you’re not the type of person that any problem or conflict have an adverse effect that will lead to stress and burning your nerves; Finally you’re into a black hole that is a worse catastrophe than the problem itself. Always remember and never forget that your heart is in your hands, your feelings are in your hands and your health is in your hands. A problem or crisis that can cause you lots of damages such as a legal lawsuit or any catastrophe can cause your loss of financial, fame and respect; However only you would allow it to take your health and life indirectly.

The most intriguing and interesting is that you are the cause of your own suffering and not the problem or crisis itself. Always pray and the lord will answer you in due time. As a matter of fact, Jesus Christ has always said that fasting and prayer can exorcize an evil spirit and faith can move mountains 🏔. Therefore, always smile and thank the merciful lord for the least is that you’re still alive and capable of praying. The solution to any conflict, problem, catastrophe or crisis is actually available and can be administered by anyone ✅.

Oh yeah and don’t forget to call me, Michael who is a 27 year experienced private investigator who can help you; If you don’t want to pray and fast.

What’s funny is that everyone knows the answers to all the problems & they just don’t do it…. why do u think 🤔? Is it lack of faith? Please tell me your opinion.

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