Los Angeles International Airport Private Investigator

Antoine Leverette's drivers licenseAntoine Leverette’s real name is Warren Cornell Canada; Who has been fraudulently terrorizing Californians by manufacturing fraudulent California Driver Licenses. Canada has been working mostly around Los Angeles International Airport areas.

This man rented a Lamborghini with an almost perfect California fraudulent driver license and credit card. He caused a $30 K damage after he crashed the Lamborghini. We were able to track him and found his real identity. We confronted him and he confused on video with his own will. He promised to rectify the situation and reimburse our client for the damages; And never did. We wanted to issue a press release to find all the victims that he has ripped off. This case is being reported to the LAPD and the Fbi.

It took us a team of 5 investigator’s to track Warren Canada down & find his real identity.

Los Angeles Private Investigator was able to capture a video of the suspect being arrest by LAPD at Los Angeles International Airport

On December 3, 2017, at approximately 4:00 P.M; Los Angeles Police Officers were arresting a suspect at Terminal 6, door # L2-05.  You can hear the suspect yelling and screaming while 4 Los Angeles Police Officers were trying to make the arrest; However, it appeared that the subject was resisting arrest.

After reviewing the footage, the man was screaming “Don’t kill me, Please don’t kill me”.  Until now, no one knows or understands what the man did to have four Los Angeles Police Officers take him down and pin him to the ground.

There were approximately 4 police cruisers with sirens on that started to block the area around terminal 6.

You can review a short video of the Los Angeles Police Department arrest at Los Angeles International Airport.  #Lapd #arrest at #LAX #video

Los Angeles Police Department cruisers blocking Terminal 6 at Los Angeles International Airport on December 3, 2017 at approximately 4:00 PM.  It appears that there was a man who was resisting an arrest and 4 #LAPD police officers were attempting to make an arrest.

Los Angeles Private Detective was able to capture a video of the suspect being arrest by LAPD at LAX

Los Angeles Private Investigator was able to capture a video of the suspect being arrest by LAPD at Los Angeles International Airport

Los Angeles International Airport Private Detective

Los Angeles International Airport Private Investigator

Homless in Los Angeles County

You see kitty when a person loses their mind is the same as someone losing their vision.  The brain to the mind is the same as the eyes to the vision, the ears to the hearing, and the nose to a smell (by his Holiness Pope Shenouda III).  The human body consists of very unique parts such eyes, ears, nose and brain.  All human parts need to be well maintained with nutrition and basic human care in order to work at optimum level.  

Let’s take the brain for example, which is connected with the mind.  Let us agree on an important fact, the mind can’t work properly without the brain; And If the brain is not getting well nutrition and chemically balanced; Then the mind will not work properly and the person will make bad mistakes that can lead to disaster.  A prime example is people that use drugs and their brains are damaged and therefore, their mind is distorted.  But again what is the difference between using drugs, malnutrition and stubbornness (comes in a package with arrogance, It’s like buy one and get one free) ?   The journey to destruction is different; However, the end of the road is the same. 
The biggest problem with people that suffer from a psychological problem is that they depend on their brains and minds to tell them if there are problems or not.  Many times the brain is malfunctioning and giving wrong information and they don’t even know it.  The most devastation occurs when family and friends try to help out and the person shuts me out and dive into a paranoid stage. We all should pray and ask the lord to save us from brain failure. 

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