Children and safety

children and safety

children and safety


Nothing in this world is more important to us than our children. Their health, good mood, success in school and, of course, their safety. How much the state takes care of the children is clear to every adult person. And the huge number of adults with the temptation that surrounds our children at school, on the street and on the Internet only strengthens the belief that no one except parents will protect their children today.

However, parents also have to earn money, so children have a certain freedom of action.

Control over the leisure of the child and his environment, in our opinion, is the only effective way to protect his child from the negative impact of modern life. Our company has prepared several programs to ensure the control of the child, including:

Check the child’s environment

Collection of information about the child’s environment, their hobbies and interests. Identification of persons negatively affecting the child.

Detection of harmful hobbies

We will help you to recognize alcohol, tobacco and drugs in the early stage of a child’s life.

Control of children’s leisure

Monitoring child’s free time. Monitoring network activity.

Identify child safety hazards

Recognition of child-hidden facts of threats and extortion by peers and others.

Protection against informal associations

Opposition to the involvement of a teenager in fan and nationalist movements, sects, etc.


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