Kids, drugs and other problems




Hello my friends, today we would like to discuss one of the most important things in our lives – our kids, their problems and how can we prevent or help them to go through to this difficult life.

So probably everyone who has a teenager has already gone through a lot of challenges and issues. Besides the hormonal imbalances in this age, the teenager has to deal with many other issues, and sometimes it’s really hard for the kid to find the right way to deal with all kind of stress coming from everywhere.

So like more wise adults, we should be understanding and helpful to the kids and their problems.  The most important aspect we would say – its to be calm and reasonable when you are dealing with teens. The screaming and fights are not going to help you, the teens will get hate you more and more and in the end, you will lose control of the situation completely. So whatever happened, always remember to stay calm and think how can you help your child.

Let’s discuss the most common types of problems what the kids are going through in the school:

  1. Bullying – this one the nastiest one.

Whatever is the reason for bullying no one deserves it. The constant bullying is very bad for the psychology of the child, he will not want to go to school, his grades will be going down and in some cases, it even can end up with a suicide or public aggression.

How can you help your kid? First of all, if it minimal defect what kid has (like bad teeth, being fat or too skinny) you can try to help him to fix this problem, it will make him more self-confident and possible will solve the problem.

In some cases, if the bullying is based on nothing – the best decision that parents can make – its transfer kid to another school, try to find some nice, possible religion-oriented schools, where the kids are kinder and the atmosphere is nicer. We know, it’s a difficult decision, but you can not play with the destiny of your child, he deserves a good life and a nice attitude.

Unfortunately, we can not change the other «bad kids» and we can’t tell them to stop doing what they do. So try to change the place, that’s only the choice probably.


  1. Drugs

If you think your child hooked up on drugs, first you should confirm it and know which drugs he is using. There are many home test to find out the truth (if you can convict teen to do it). The other option is to hire a PI for surveillance, ok K9 dog.

If the fact of using drugs will be confirmed, you should take some steps to solve the situation. Rehab for example or a personal long conversation. You should understand, what it’s very difficult to quit on your own, do not expect a kid to do it, he might be love to quit but he can’t. Drugs are highly addictive. You will need a professional medical help. You should also understand, what most drug users are from not happy families. It’s not only the financial unhappiness but the atmosphere in the house – if there are many fights and screams the kids doesn’t know how to handle it, they try to run away from all this distress. So make sure first your family is ok, your house is a happy place for the kid.

  1. First relationship

Often, the first relationship is very emotional and it always hurt in the end.

Teens go through a lot of tears and fights. The kid’s psychology is still not formed enough for reasonable decisions and they can think – it’s the end of their life and so on. You have to know who your kid dating if it’s a bad person, he will influence your kid in a bad way, guaranteed. You have to be smart to keep your child being friend with you, but at the same time, you must protect him from a bad influencing. This is your choice how you going to do it, even if it takes to move out to another city – do it, the happiness of your kid is in your hand, he is still a child to understand the outcomes of the bad relationships.


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