Services for the investigation of criminal cases, assistance in investigating crimes



Services for the investigation of criminal cases, assistance in investigating crimes.

The detective agency can offer assistance in investigating crimes (including criminal cases of any complexity). Our detectives have experience in investigating crimes. If you want an objective and impartial investigation, which will establish all the circumstances of the case and restore justice, then asking for help to the detective in this case is fully justified.

Detective activities of the agency “Blue Systems International” is carried out within the law.

Participants in criminal proceedings – “the suspect, the accused, as well as the victim, civil plaintiff, civil defendant and their representatives have the right to collect and submit written documents and objects for familiarizing them with the criminal case as evidence”.

Collecting information on criminal cases carried out by detectives in collaboration with law enforcement agencies, all actions are carried out with the notification or with the sanction of police investigators.

Detectives provide assistance at all stages of the criminal


  • collect evidence at the stage
  • preliminary investigation during the trial.

These activities are carried out for any of the parties to the criminal process – to the detectives can appeal as a victim, and the accused.

Our detectives will assist in the collection of information relating to the circumstances of the criminal case, which may affect the course of the investigation and speed up the work of investigators.

If you think that not all versions of the incident have been worked out, or that your loved ones are suspected of nothing, then contacting the Private Investigation Agency is what you really need. Our professional detectives will help you in collaboration with the investigators, which will allow you to keep abreast of what is happening and to be sure that the investigation will be objective.

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