Developing Evidence

Developing & preserving evidence is one of the most crucial and important tasks that a private investigator is responsible to conduct for their clients. If the private investigators fails to follow the legal and court rules in regards to preserving and securing the evidence than the courts may NOT allow the evidence to be presented in the case!

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Technology has been advancing at an incredible rate where today there are labs that can process DNA, finger prints and other substance related evidence within a few hours! This advancement in technology is available to all Licensed private investigators in order to help and assist in an investigation.

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Gathering and Verifying Facts

In pursuit of excellence, Private investigators seek to develop lots of sophisticated skills, such as investigative reporting, narrative writing, social media and video. Accuracy isn’t as glamorous as those skills but without accuracy, they become worthless. Accuracy is the foundation upon which Private investigators must build all other skills. Ensuring accuracy involves several steps:

  • Asking effective questions.
  • Taking accurate notes.
  • Gathering source documents.
  • Questioning information.
  • Verifying information.
  • Fact-checking your content.

Anyone providing information to the public should seek to ensure accuracy to maintain credibility.

Our in-depth information about competitors’ strategies, segmentation and latest trends will assist you in drawing strong and relevant conclusions in order to win your case with confidence!

We carry out the following services related to information verification:

Third Party Verification: Blue Systems International is an expert in verifying phone sales through reliable database resources that are used by law enforcement and US governmental agencies. Private Investigators also may utilize live agents in order to verify information such as court records and physical addresses.

Insurance Verification: California Private Investigators have risen as a major player in insurance verification. We have a track record of assisting insurance companies in cross–checking facts, procedure available and organizing ruling, etc. thereby making decision making process easier.

Employment Verification: California Private Investigators also offers effective employment verification services to small, medium and large businesses. Our trained professionals collect detailed information from current and previous employers.

We utilize the most advanced and the use of the latest technology devices and gadgets while conducting online surveys for gathering information as well as feedback over internet; all information & evidence are digitally recorded and stored so that it can be retrieved later day when needed.

You can ensure professional outcome by a licensed private investigator.

You can attain substantial savings in cost since our firm is a professional licensed private investigations with combined experience of over 100 years!

We ensure complete customer satisfaction and quality work.

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