Body language

Body language

Body Language

Body Language


Body language can convey much more than words, therefore it is important for the investigator to pay attention to the subject’s face and body movements. The following face and body signs indicate potential deception by manifesting certain emotions:

– Learning forward, chin up manifest stubbornness and aggressiveness.

– Chin down manifests depression and remorse.

– Eyebrows squeezed together, frowning manifest confusion and anger.

– Darting eyes manifest confusion, search for an answer.

– Break of eye contact manifests remorse and tension.

– Dilated pupils manifest emotional arousal.

– Closed eyes manifest desire to escape.

– Frequent blinking manifests nervousness.

– Narrowed eyes manifest feelings of premonition.

– Hands covering eyes manifest desire to escape.

– Hands covering mouth demonstrate an urge to stop oneself from speaking.

– Hands touching nose or chin manifest tension and hesitation.

– Feet under the chair manifest desire to hide.

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