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This is the primary law enforcement tool – the most common method of identification.  Fingerprints are easily found, quickly compared, and the process is inexpensive. 


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The best method of protection is prevention with comprehensive professional Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) services. Adequate knowledge of current attack methods employed, as well as effective countermeasures, are vital to fully appreciate the detailed TSCM services which MUST be performed. Technical security is a very specialized field, requiring dedicated, full-time professionals with past TSCM experience, extensive training and sophisticated equipment. Many companies offer TSCM services, which achieve various levels of protection, depending upon equipment, knowledge, experience, training, morals and business ethics.

missing persons

Missing Persons|DNA|Private Investigator

The epidemic of missing persons in the United States is the scourge of a modern society.  In the age of the internet, supercomputers, connectivity, and CSI, how can there be over 110,000 people whose locations are unknown in the United States?

Child custody and violence

Child custody in Orange County Ca

If a parent has been abusive toward the opposite parent or a child, it’s important to own a parenting arrange in situation that may facilitate everybody keep safe. You may wish to speak with a professional person (for example – a private investigator) to search out the simplest legal manner for you to proceed.

Child custody and violence

Custody of child under 5

Today we are here to know about custody of children under 5 in California. Children are completely different and have different desires, counting on their relationship with their oldsters, their maturity level, and their relatives, friends, community, cultural background, and alternative factors. So, there’s no “one size what do young kids (5 years previous or younger) need?

background checks

Background checks

If you need a private investigator to get background checks or help develop evidence for your case in Orange County, Riverside, or San Francisco, contact us today 714-592-8000.