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Contact Detective MJ to help you manage the investigations and evidence in  your legal case. Detective MJ has been a professional legal investigator for 20 years with a network of legal professionals with combined experience of over 100 years.  Information and knowledge is power and are half of the conflict.

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Why hire a private investigator and NOT do it myself?

The most important action a private investigator can provide in a criminal or civil case is undisputed documentation and preservation of evidence.  A private investigator is licensed, insured, bonded, and bound by state and federal laws.  A private investigator understands the legal and justice system rules and evidence procedures. Courts, law enforcement and attorneys respect and recognize private investigators because they know that we get paid for our time and we only report the facts and supporting evidence.  There is no benefit or a logical reason for a private investigator to lie or fabricate a story since we are compensated based on our time and efforts and NOT results.

Detective MJ has been able to successfully complete hundreds of cases without outstanding results. In this article, I will highlight the reasons, why you should hire an experienced legal investigator ? Everyone today needs a coach when involved in a legal problem; Your mind emotions are confused and disturbed. Detective MJ can help enlighten you to make an informed rational decisions that are fruitful and in your best interest.  Get the combined experience of over 100 years, most advanced tactics and professional planning without paying thousands of dollars.

Here is the response to your concerns and:  Why I strongly suggest for a licensed private investigator to be involved?  

  1. Backgrounds are very important and essential of in any legal matter since it can reveal information that is and will become an important interact of your decision making on the entire case.  Knowledge and information are power and are half of the battle.  You must know everything about your opponent in order to have a successful outcome.
  2. Detective MJ can help you achieve the most results with respect to your budget and  financial circumstances.
  3. Detective MJ can document and record communication and activity on a case which will can be easily admitted into evidence at a court of law.
  4. Detective MJ  is a license, insured and bonded private investigator and a registered process server.   The correct licensing will avoid any disputes for process of service.
  5. Detective MJ can help you enforce the judgment and collect the amount of money that a court has awarded you; Once a  court order judgment is entered.  Please note that the collection of on a judgment is another case that is not part of the legal action.
  6. Detective MJ is capable of analyzing a case from different angles which will result in a more accurate understanding that will lead to a successful outcome.  Relief your stress, mind, time and money; Call today for a free consultation.


Private Investigator investigates Fraud

Private Investigator Fraud Services

The public does not realize how important the investigation phase of any case.  Evidence is the foundation of any case, theory or argument.  A case without evidence is the same as a building without a foundation; which in reality is not possible.  A PI can secure and preserve the evidence in order to be admitted into court and in support of your case. 

Why start an investigation?

Why start an investigation?

Why hire a PI ?

Experienced and understand the legal procedures and how to use it in a criminal defense investigation and a civil defense investigation; Most likely can start an investigation immediately.

Consequently, through the investigation process, a PI is capable to secure and preserve the evidence.   Hiring a lawyer comes first to mind, once a person is involved in a legal problem.   However, it is chronological to hire a private investigator in order to explore and understand the circumstances.  Afterwards, the PI can identify what laws have been violated and the type of case to pursue.  

In most cases ethical attorneys would not accept a case where their professional fees would exceed the outcome.  “Don’t throw good money after bad money theory”.   

Another issue at hand is most lawyers do not pursue fraudulent cases due to the financial factor:  Legal Fees Cost Vs. The Amount Lost.  It doesn’t make business sense or ethically correct to pursue a case that legal fees costs more than the amount lost.  On the other hand, Private investigators always pursue every case through cost effective avenues;  such as filling complaints with the district attorney’s for prosecution.  One simple method, such as filling a direct complaint with the prosecutors office, saves the clients thousands of dollars of paying an attorney, with a criminal restitution court order.  Furthermore, criminal restitution is a much better and more effective court order than a civil judgment.

I look forward to exceeding your expectations! 

Why hire a Private Detective?
Why hire a Private Investigator?
Private investigators are there for the people that have a problem that either the police can’t follow up on or a problem that they can’t go to the police for if it has some elements that are not right with the law. PI’s also help individuals that want to find out more about someone’s background to know if they are safe to deal with either for a business venture or just someone that they will get married to.

Some individuals might have been conned and robbed and need to track someone down. Someone might want to know if their spouses have been cheating on them or not. Private investigators have a license and a legal right to carry arms and they could perform a citizens arrest to present at a court of law.

If I hire Private investigator will confidentiality prevail and survive any type of subpoenas.

Hello my intelligent esteemed private investigator colleagues,

I had an attorney challenge me today saying that although our investigative reports can be part of the attorney-client work product, that any photos we obtain, even if in the report itself, would not be covered and would be discoverable. He was concerned about any investigative photos that could be taken on a case. This doesn’t sound right to me. Does anyone know where to point me to find the correct answer about investigative photos and attorney-client work product? Emails only please, I’m not available by phone today.

Thank you

Response from private investigator MJ
First of all our agreements have a confidentiality clause that would hinder anyone from piercing. Attorneys don’t like to recognize it, however a confidentiality clause carries a heavy burden through the discovery process; Since it would be imperative for the court to indemnify the private investigator from any civil liability claims by the client.

Second of all attorney-client privilege is extended to the Private investigator as long as the attorney is the client.

Respectfully yours,

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