Private Investigations

Thank you for choosing Blue Systems International private investigations services.  All of our staff and private investigators takes pride in our private investigation services and we work very hard to effectively exceed our client’s expectations, by exercising discretion, confidentiality, using most advanced systems and equipment available in the private investigation industry.  Our priceless combined experience is derived from several sources; private investigator’s, legal consultants, lawyers, paralegals, former federal agents and criminologist.

Free private investigator consultation and we always consult with our in house attorney to make sure that no one is violating the state of California civil and criminal penal codes and laws.

The case consultation involves a female client; Who we will call Susie for confidentiality purposes. Susie called Blue Systems International private investigations firm; with an acquired request which we are accustomed to the weirdest consult requests. Susie said that she has attracted gonorrhea from her former boyfriend and wanted to know how can a private investigator help her investigate and prove that the boyfriend was responsible. Susie said that she confronted him with the allegation that he has Transmit to her a sexually transmitted disease. Without delay or surprise the boyfriend denied the allegations and started singing the notorious song that we all know “it wasn’t me”.

We have concluded that we must start investigation by conducting a comprehensive and thorough background check into the boyfriends history in order to profile him and learn about his previous romantic history.

Private investigator text messages between a Medical Doctor and a Lawyer who is experienced and very ethical.

Private investigator: Client wants to sue for getting gonorrhea from former BF. Can you talk?

Attorney At Law: Any damages?

Private investigator: Her Vagina; I guess 😂😂😂

Attorney At Law: Well, if she was treated with anabiotic‘s and made a complete recovery, it’s doubtful you have much of a case.

Private investigator: Emotional 😭 distress, time out of work? Wouldn’t this be considered battery?

Attorney At Law: Maybe. Battery? I doubt it.

Private investigator: Should I refer her to our hitman for a consult! 😎

Attorney At Law: I can talk to her, but most likely she will spend money to have me tell her she has no case.

Private investigator: Can she sue him in order to have closure?

Attorney At Law: Anybody can sue anybody for anything.

Attorney At Law: Does she want a public record of her gonorrhea?

Attorney At Law: You’re a good and ethical attorney; Most Attorneys would take the case for the legal fees

Understanding the client’s point of view and needs are essential to any successful investigation. Private investigators always build rapport with the clients that is based on trust and respect.  Therefore, the relationship between the private investigator and the client are protected by honor, respect and confidentiality.   Private investigators are licensed by every state government in order to help and assist the public, corporations, small businesses and even law enforcement  in investigations that are necessary for any type of case that is legal and supported by law.  In other words, private investigators are not above the law and are prohibited from violating state and federal laws.  As a matter of fact no one is authorized or allowed to break the law; not even the police or FBI.

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