Long Beach Private Investigator services are unique for Sub-Rosa worker compensation fraud investigations.  Long Beach private Detectives conducts certified background checks. Long Beach PI services for personal, business and legal matters. #LBPI advice is “Trust but Verify” an intelligent quote by a former president of the United State of America, Ronald Regan. Long Beach Background checks are very important to verify and build more trust. #LongbeachprivateInvestigator

Blue Systems Internationa (BSI) Long Beach private investigations firm can assist you with personal or legal matters. This team will help build your case and work with you to ensure you get the best results.  Private detectives in Long Beach are available now for a free consultation; Every case is different and therefore a consultation by a licensed and experienced private investigator is highly recommended. 

Blue Systems International is a licensed insured and bonded private investigations firm serving the city of Long Beach. We serve the public and attorneys with cost-effective investigations. We specialize in worker compensation defense investigations that require surveillance and effective and prudent proof in a court of law. Ironically, we are the only private investigations firm that specializes in cases involving boats, vessels and ships in the Long Beach Shoreline Marina located at 450 E Shoreline Dr, Long Beach, CA 90802, Alamitos Bay Marina, Shoreline Yacht Club and all the marinas in Long Beach.

How can a Long Beach private investigator reveal the truth and facts in a complicated  criminal case?

Take an investigation where Long Beach Private Investigators revealed that a subject was born in 1979 and during a deposition, he admitted to several felony arrests and jail time for assaults and DUI’s. He also admitted to what he called an assault and to spending an extended amount of time in the California Youth Authority. He never mentioned manslaughter, but when running a search through a data provider, records from CDCR were returned with his DOB and they referenced manslaughter. The CDCR record did not provide a date. At the defendant’s deposition in Long Beach before an attorney and a private investigator, he stated that all of his crimes/convictions occurred in Los Angeles County and in Long Beach, California. Long Beach private detectives learned through a Los Angeles background check that the defendant had several felony assaults and DUIs in Los Angeles County. When Long Beach investigators went to the courthouse and conducted a data search, there were no other records noted for our subject except the CDCR records, which referenced the manslaughter.

Church and cult investigation in Long Beach and Los Angeles County case scenario

I had a call from a concerned father this week who believes his 22 year old son became involved with a cult here in Los Angeles. He asked me if I could find out if the church is, in fact, a cult, get a background check on the individual who runs the church and find out if other families have had similar complaints. Of course, this can be done, but I told him that if his suspicions are true, there is nothing he can do legally, as his son is an adult.

He had heard that there are private investigators who will “deprogram,” for lack of a better word, people who have come under the sway of a cult and asked if anyone in the group knows of anyone who does something along these lines. This man was quite distraught.

Funny thing about “cults” is that one person’s cult is another person’s stairway to heaven. Most people would define anything that violates their own particular belief system to be a “cult”.

But, in any case, the father was correct. The person is an adult and there is very little that can be done if the person is not willing. It would be possible to have the person Baker Acted if it can be shown they are a danger to themselves or are engaged in dangerous behavior that would likely end in serious bodily harm. But even that is only good for three days for evaluation purposes and requires the agreement of at least two family members.

You could, to ease the father’s fears, do a work upon the group and their belief system(s) and offer him information for that purpose. Might not do much in any case, but it might help. Ignorance and misinformation are serious fear-inducing factors, especially for a parent, so maybe a better understanding, on the father’s part, would help.

Then again, they might just enjoy dancing naked in the moonlight wearing tin foil hats and it’s all harmless.

But for pity sake, do NOT get roped into kidnapping the person for deprogramming. That’s completely illegal and will get you jailed.

Long Beach PI is able to obtain the position of undertaking investigatory legal services, utilizing the most advanced tactics and equipment.

Long Beach private detectives understand responsibility, time, commitment, integrity, care, passion, and drive to exceed the client’s expectations. Private investigators in Long Beach are eager to produce positive and priceless results to our clients; we are willing to help our clients and take the precautions to protect our client’s confidentiality. Long Beach private investigators have the ability to obtain extensive memory, analytics, and the ability to handle crisis cases at any time. We are willing to go out late at night to catch a target in the act or determine if a subject is suffering from mental illness in order to understand and produce answers for their actions. We know our business and have to constantly learn and understand what we are investigating and what the client needs for evidence in order to prove their case.

Long Beach Private Investigators have the experience and knowledge and the insight of the everyday life of individuals who take life for granted, while at the same time destroy other people’s lives. We understand how people feel and what life means to them.

Let us help you to take the stress away and start appreciating life. Long Beach Private Investigators take pride in protecting and helping clients feel safe and ensure that the scales of justice tilts in their favor.






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