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Bakersfield private investigators are experienced, licensed, insured and bonded.  A professional and experienced private investigator in Bakersfield is priceless and crucial. Confidentiality and professionalism are our top priority with the fact that we always look forward to exceeding our client’s expectations & beyond. Bakersfield private investigator’s are very proud to serve the clients by protecting their rights, well being and assess.

A professional and experienced private investigator in Bakersfield is rare and not easy to find. Bakerfield private investigator supports Google+ and Google maps for business verification and reviews.

Bakersfield PI offers free consultations that can provide you with fruitful ideas and professional assistance that can make a difference.  Bakersfield private investigators hourly rates are competitive and based on quality work that all private investigators and staff take pride and pleasure by working on the cases, supporting our clients with extraordinary results.

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Bakersfield Private Investigator specializes in worker compensation defense by commencing sub-rosa investigations in order to prove if a claimant is committing fraud.  Bakersfield Private Investigator starts by conduction background checks on all claimants that can produce evidence of prior claims.

Private Investigator

Bakersfield Private Investigator is available 24 hours and 7 days a week for investigation services.  One of the main reasons that Bakersfield Private Investigator is always available is to serve our clients with any type of investigation such as surveillance,  infidelity, background checks, child custody cases, TSCM bug sweep, financial fraud and worker’s compensation investigation & fraud,

Bakersfield private detective investigates stalkers,

Cyber crimes and online investigations. TSCM bug sweeps and ease dropping device removals from home, auto, car, cell phones and computers.

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  • Blue Systems International private Investigators firm wants to give the clients the best and most accurate consultation and price quote; is one of the reasons we require the submission of the online form. Blue Systems International private Investigators firm has been a target of online cyber attacks and terrorism since the PI firm has been very successful prosecuting stalkers, scammers, cyberbullying criminals and defendants in many cases. This is another reason we require for all clients to fill out the online form prior to any consultation.
  • BSI surveillance investigators are experienced with advanced tactics and state of the art equipment.

    Please answer all questions to the best of your ability and knowledge. If you don’t know the answer or the question may not apply to you; Please skip it to the next question. Please make sure to click on submit in order for our office to receive your intake form.
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