Investigating climate change/ fires, earthquakes



Today we would like to discuss and investigate the possible climate change, constantly increasing natural disasters, like – hurricanes, wildfires, floods, earthquakes etc. The weather and nature conditions affect all of us with no doubts, also it affects the economy and business moods. That’s why its so important to understand where are we going and how it will affect our lives in the future.

California is still recovering from one of the strongest wildfires for all her history, but we have to deal these days with the storm and flooding. One problem after another.

Today, the 7 point earthquake hit Alaska, it was so strong it literally broke down the roads on halves and destroyed the infrastructure. Alaska naturally is famous for earthquakes, so it’s not something out of ordinary, the only thing is that the aftershocks were so intensive and multiple, people who have lived in Alaska for the last 40 years saying – it was the biggest one.

At the same time, the number of storms and their intensity is increasing year by year, according to the scientists.

So how do scientists explain the increase in disasters?

The big number of scientist think that the main fault is in global warming, which has been created by human activities, and possible just a natural changing of climate on the earth. We know for a fact, that the medium temperature on the Earth is increasing, the Arctic ice is melting, the oceans become warmer – which is causing the effect of hurricanes. It’s also causing the climate change – more hot somewhere, colder than usual in other places. The hot weather and the draught is causing the wildfires.

What about the earthquakes? They have always happened, for now, we don’t have the statistic that shows us the constant increase in it. The only human’s fault could be in provocating the earthquakes – it’s testing a nuclear/ other weapons and sucking the natural resources out.

So we don’t really know 100% what is causing the climate change – the humans only, the cyclical weather change on the Erath or probably both of them.

But we should always remember that the Earth is our planet, we should respect and take care of it. The ecological system is very gentle, anything can cause the disbalance, which can be irreversible…

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