The most common types of cases in California (by Private Investigator)


Private Investigator in Orange County, Los Angeles (13)

In our a long-time practice of private investigator career, we have seen and worked on many different cases, some of them are very unique, but the most of them specify in a few areas. So what type of private investigation cases are the most popular in southern California?  Here they are:

  1. Surveillance ( this include cheating cases, child custody cases, workers compensation cases)
  2. Background Checks ( address check, cell phone number check, criminal records check, etc)
  3. Fraud investigation ( include financial fraud, vehicle fraud, romantic scams, asset fraud, identity fraud etc)
  4. TSCM (bug sweep) -We have been dealing the last few years with many people, who believed they were being watched, listened and gpsed. Some of them were really bugged, but the most of the people were just paranoid ( we guess because of the stressful environment)
  5. Recently we have been working with many cases which involved burglary,  car theft, and housekeeper thefts.
  6. Worker Compensation claims – these ones are very common as well ( so many people hope to get a free money). The most of this cases were quickly solved by the evidence which we gained in the process of investigation.
  7. Internet Fraud – The unbelievable amount of people are becoming victims of the internet fraud. The internet fraud growing day by day and becoming a major problem in the US. The problem with internet fraud cases – it’s very difficult to prosecute, you have to find the scammer having only small pieces of electronic information, you have to have the special skills and experience to do this type of work. The Law enforcement agencies are very busy with the violent crimes and the most of the time they will not prosecute that we call “white collar crimes”.  We have been successfully helping people with their cases, hundreds of thousands $$$ were returned to our clients. We can’t do the magic, but the rate of successful investigation is pretty high.

So in the conclusion, we would like to bring the attention to all people and give the advice:

Please be alert, think twice before you wire a money, do your investigation before you get involved with any person or business, be very careful with online dating (especially when they ask you for money!).

And if you have doubts, just give a call to a private Investigator, you will receive the facts and save yourself a big headache in the future.

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