Surveillance Techniques

When you are on a surveillance and you come around the corner, and the person that you are following is right there in front of you; And in the middle of the night.  In an empty parking lot & without any other cars around then YOU ARE busted. Private investigator work and duties are not always fun and easy; And specially the most complicated and difficult is the vehicular surveillance.  But, it’s not over yet since you didn’t hear the fat lad singing 🎤.  Think fast on your feet and get yourself out of that JAM Quick.  Beep the horn, that’s right beep the horn in order to confuse and distract the subject from any ideas that you are following him.  And of course, Start looking for Adam…. watch the video and listen to the conversation between MJ PI and the subject.

The surveillance technique worked and I was able to speak directly to the person and gain important information.  Nonetheless, I had to stand down and dispatch another surveillance investigator to take over the surveillance since I was burned.  However, the cheating husband had no idea 💡 that he was being followed; And the investigation & surveillance continued.

In the beginning of the case the wife thought that the husband was having a third affair with another lady OR barhopping to find other ladies.  Yes, the cheating husband was going to his office in the middle of the night to chat with his overseas mistress; Since the wife questioned him a few times about his hours online.   We used advanced tactics and equipment and verified and five for the husband was online chatting with his mistress at his office in the middle of the night.

The importance of an investigation and surveillances proves is the only avenue to learn the truth.

We can assume a 1000 things; Surprisingly what people do is amazing and you could never guess it right.

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