Gretchen Wilson was arrested on Tuesday

Gretchen Wilson

Gretchen Wilson

Country singer Gretchen Wilson was arrested last night at a Connecticut Aerodrome when she caused a “minor disturbance” on a flight and have become “belligerent” toward troopers, police aforesaid.

The supply informed that Wilson, 45, got into a shoving match with another traveler when they changed words over mistreatment the restroom. The country singer reportedly waited and knocked on the door of the toilet before the incident.

Wilson and also the traveler continued to “exchange threatening hand gestures” for the remainder of the 80-minute flight, sources told the location.


Wilson was placed underneath arrest at Bradley International aerodrome in Windsor Locks when a “minor disturbance.” State troopers sent to the scene were conducting an interview with Wilson once she became belligerent. They arrested the singer, who resides in Tennessee, and charged her with breach of peace.

Authorities set her bail at $1000, and she will go to the Connecticut Court on a weekday.

This isn’t the primary time the singer got entangled in an ordeal on a plane. Wilson received the in-flight citation in October 2007 once she cursed out the flight attendants for asking her to place her dog back to a traveling case.

The singer is scheduled to a non-public performance weekday at Mohegan Sun casino, the report declared. Her approaching tour is slated to start in September, with a performance on legal holiday at the Obetz Zucchinifest in Ohio, per her website.



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