California’s new digital license plate

California is at it again and making history for the only state to authorize and release a new digital license plate. The new San Francisco tech company is the only one manufacturing the digital license plate.

A new digital license plate is being released and tested only in California. The digital auto license plates will consist of a digital display board that would display your license plate number and license plate expiration date that will be authenticated by a digital certificate from California Division of Motor Vehicles. The digital seal of the great State of California will be displayed on all digital license plates. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) and local police departments will have license plate readers that will identify the vehicles and even the driver.

Obviously, if you are concerned about privacy than the new digital license plates wouldn’t be the way to go. However, it would be great for companies that have a fleet of cars and trucks since it would keep all the drivers under control and in check. Sacramento, California is the first to try out the new digital license plates for 24 vehicles.

The new digital license plate technology will also allow companies to use the digital board to display advertising messages. It will be most likely controlled remotely via a mobile application and or wireless communication system. The wireless communications system technology will be based on cellular phone networks.

The digital license plate will also have a computer and integrated GPS chip to help track the vehicle if it’s stolen; Obviously at the least the license plate itself. There will be an approximate $ 7 per month for the wireless system and GPS tracking.

The new plates use the same computer technology as Kindle eBook readers, along with a wireless communication system.

The new California digital license plates have been released on trial basis and approved by California DMV and no other states will have it. The cost for the new digital license plates is the same as a new iPad or Samsung Galaxy at approximately $700 and no including installation which will cost at least couple

of hundred dollars. The installation could be cheaper if you get a battery based unit and avoid wiring, the digital license plate, to the vehicle’s wiring harness.

Don’t rush and run to CA DMV because these new digital license plates will only be available at auto dealerships; Online and other auto parts vendors by the end of the year.

It would probably not be wise if private investigators would display any wording that would lead to compromising the investigation; Such as “private investigator on duty”.

Article from CBS local on Sacramento, California, digital license plates and how it would concerns and affect private investigators.

Digital License Plates Will Start Appearing on CA Cars

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