Warning over jury duty scams

jury duty scams

jury duty scams

Warning over scam jury service phone calls

Beware of scam phone calls threatening fines for failing to report for jury service.

That’s the message from the Second Judicial District Court Jury Commissioner’s Office after receiving reports from the general public.

Here’s how  it works:

The fraudster claims you failed to appear for jury service on a particular date and that a fine should be paid to avoid arrest. Scammers can typically add that multiple letters have already been sent to you and that a law enforcement is going to be coming back to your home to arrest you if the fine isn’t paid.

Scammers can also ask you to go to the courthouse or to get pre-paid gift cards from a serious distributor.

The Jury Commissioner’s  Office  DO NOT issue citations to people who fail to appear for jury service. Additionally, neither of those entities will call and request financial fines connected for failure to appear for jury service nor can the Jury Commissioner’s Office settle for payments.



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