Divorce and kids custody



One of the directions in the work of a private detective is custody of children in the process of divorce. Divorce itself is a very stressful event for any family. In his process, there is a division of property, the distribution of finances and obligations, and perhaps the most difficult decision remains the question – with whom of the parents will the child live, how often is it possible to visit his other parent and the amount of alimony.

The fight for custody

In the event that parents can not agree with whom the children will live after the divorce, they usually go to court and then the matter is solved by law and judicial practice.

What facts can be considered by the court as determining custodianship?

Financial factor

It includes the financial capabilities of parents to provide the child with decent living, adequate nutrition, housing, medical services and so on. Although this factor is not the most important in resolving guardianship issues (since the second parent will also pay alimony, even if the child stays with a less well-off party), the judges take this factor into account, since satisfactory living conditions are important for the development of the child.

The social factor

The social factor is an indicator that examines the social status of parents in society – for example, the presence of criminal history, criminal records, immoral behavior, bad habits, behavior towards the child (irresponsibility, cruelty, violence, inattention, or vice versa – responsibility, active participation in the child’s life, care and attention).

This factor is perhaps one of the most important in the consideration of custody cases, because financial well-being alone can not replace the love, care and affection that a loving parent can give.


What is the help of a private detective in cases of custody of children?


A private detective can assist in the selection of evidence for a trial in favor of one of the parents. Virtually all trials require specific evidence, she said / he said – does not work in this case.

What evidence and methods  use in this process?

A private detective can start his work by figuring out the past of one of the parents.

This happens with the help of a biographical reference check (an automatic system that includes all person’s biographical data – date, place of birth, criminal history, criminal records, residences, bankruptcy information, places of work, etc.). It often happens that people who have been married for a long time, Had no idea about the past of their second half. Therefore it is very important to start collecting information from this point. Biographical reference is like a human x-ray, showing all of its past and allows you to make a more objective picture of a person.

The next stage can be the process of monitoring and tracking one of the parents to collect information about his lifestyle, employment, moral appearance, bad habits, methods of dealing with the child, housing conditions, etc.

Often it happens that observation is the most important and indisputable evidence in court in cases of custody of a child. One videotape can be a thousand times more eloquent and reliable than numerous words, guesses and rumors.

In our practice, there have often been cases when in the process of observation one of the parents spending time with the child:

– drank alcoholic beverages

– drove the car in a state of intoxication

– left / the baby of one house for a long time, himself / and going on a shopping trip, to friends

– took / and with them children to bars, restaurants, smoky rooms

– gave / to children to parents, nannies during the visit

– behaved cruelly towards the child – shouted / and even beat in public places

– was / is inattentive to the child, irresponsible, left the child alone on the playground, himself walking around talking on the mobile and so on.

All these actions show the actual attitude of the parent to the child. Its an excellent and indisputable evidence for the court.

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