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Process Service

Process Service

Process Service

Process service – it is a field of the professional legal services. People need a process service when they must serve someone with the court papers. The whole process seems to be not very complicated, you just need to find someone over 18 years old and give him a defendant’s address.

However, in legal practice we often can see more complicated cases, that require more professional services. In that case, you might need to find a licensed Process Server, or even to hire a Private Investigator.

You can find a licensed Process Server on the special legal sites. They must be licensed by the State to do this kind of work – thats mean they have no criminal records, they are over 18 and they are trustworthy.

When do you need a licensed process server?

  •  You have tried to serve the defendant a few times, but unsuccessfully
  •  You have a complicated case, where defendant might play games and pretend to be not served

When do you need a private investigator to help you to serve someone?

  • You can’t locate the defendant. PI can run background check report on the subject and find out where he/she lives, then you can serve defendant.
  • Private investigator can also help you to gain the evidence of the process service. In many cases defendant refuses to admit that he has been served, in that case PI can conduct surveillance where will be shown that defendant has been served.
  • Private investigator can also conduct social media investigations and informational searches.  They can help to identify location of the subject, his interests, activities and work place.

The process of service is a very important step in the court litigation, without evidence of service of process it ’s almost impossible to continue any case. So it’s very important to take this matter seriously and hire someone professional and experienced who can help you.

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