Racial discrimination

Racial discrimination is never the answer to solving any problem; It only contributes more damage and ruins a chance for a solution.

We get several Middle Eastern clients who have been discriminated against in Airports all over the world because of their looks or speaking Arabic.  This racial profiling problem has been going on since 9/11.  The most interesting part is that #terrorist know NOT to act suspicious and to avoid speaking Arabic in order to proceed undetected.   Furthermore, the Airport security systems is very advanced and almost impossible to attempt a #terroristattack at this time.

The sad story is we need those Middle Eastern folks to help the #fbi and law enforcement identity those terrorist.  The society actions and racial profiling would stop any of the middle eastern folks from getting involved because they would be afraid.  The feeling of being hated by everyone around you, is horrible and horrifying at best. 

Racial discrimination is what the terrorist want in order to dwell fear in everyone and try to cause chaos, crisis and confuse everyone .  Not to mention, Racism supports the terrorists recruiting more members who feel hated by everyone.  Don’t help evil and #terrorism win; Be kind and diligent. 


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