Pathological liars|Interview|Private Investigator

Pathological liars|Interview|Private Investigator

pathological liar

pathological liar

The main sign of a pathological liar is that he/she is telling lies that are exaggerated and extraordinary to the point of suggesting a mental disorder. A pathological liar makes up stories even in case when it is easier to tell the truth. A pathological liar may sound very convincing as he/she has had a lot of experience telling lies. He/she may attempt to refute the investigator’s notes denying his/her recent statements. The stories a pathological liar fabricates are very elaborate with a lot of minute details; the liar usually has the story prepared but also embellishes it as he/she proceeds. However, if asked to repeat the story, a pathological liar cannot repeat it word for word, but tells another lie that contradicts the first. A  pathological liar is very defensive when accused of lying and usually manufactures some extraordinary excuses.

Methods of obtaining confessions


Only lies that exaggerate the strength of evidence and do not interfere with the suspect’s free choice are permitted to obtain a confession. For example, it is allowed to tell a suspect that a witness has seen his/her vehicle near the crime scene, to tell a suspect that he/she was identified by a witness, or to tell a suspect that  his/her fingerprints or other exemplars were found at the crime scene. It is not permitted to fabricate tangible or documentary evidence pointing to a suspect.


Threats are usually viewed in court as inherent contributors to a coercive environment. The following types of threats are not permissible for the purpose of obtaining a confession:

– Use of physical violence against the suspect

– Threat of physical violence against of suspect

– Threat of physical violence against the suspect’s family member, relative, friend, or partner.

-Use of thereat of physical violence against the defendant’s co arrestee.

Threat to take any type of legal measures, such as deprivation of property, financial assistance etc.


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