Background checks and the Private Investigation industry

The private investigation industry and the importance of background checks.

In the Private Investigation Industry there are no set qualifications or undergraduate classes or programs mandated to become a private investigator.  However, many would tell you what a good or acceptable private investigator should be like.  In my opinion a private investigator needs to be persistent and assertive. A private investigator must not be afraid of confrontation of any kind, should communicate well with diverse people, and should be able to think on his or her feet. Great interviewing, questioning and interrogation skills also are important and are usually acquired only through experience.  The investigator must be able to present facts and evidence in a manner that the average person can understand.  This is important because as we know the courts (jury) are often the ultimate judge of a properly conducted investigation.  The jury needs to understand the facts and evidence in the case so a private investigator should make it as simplistic as possible.


Background Checks California

Background Checks California

Unfortunately, we have entered into a life of uncertainty, deception, fraud and lies not only by individuals but also by US Government and especially by unknown enemies.  This is only one reason why background checks are important and hiring a Private Investigator is always a good idea.  A background check can open your eyes to an individuals passed you least expected or give you important information that will help you understand an individual.  Background checks usually include but are not limited to: criminal, civil, marriage records, current utility company records, business records, court records, county records, address change records, property records, and many other publicly viewable records.

Background checks are used for important purposes such as: Due diligence, finding an old college room mate or colleague, checking a contractor, getting information on a nanny, checking on infidelity, or even, getting to know a boyfriend or girlfriend better. Some people might not even realize that a good background check can actually help save a live before it’s too late.  I think that times have changed and people are feeling unsafe and uncertain of others, and the more people feel this way the more people will need if not require a background check.  Needless to say private investigation industry will thrive and private investigators will become a necessity, almost like insurance. J

In conclusion, I do hope that more people all over the world take note and discover others and use resources such as private investigators to find out about a person(s) or a companies background.  Maybe then the private investigation industry will require that private investigator take professional college courses and training before becoming a private investigator.

Due Diligence - Private Investigator

Due Diligence – Private Investigator

Let me give you some real life examples.  I always enjoyed volunteering and helping others, even as young as 12 yrs. old I became very active in my community.  Participated in local festival, events, danced in different cultural groups and became a cheerleader.  All this outside of my school activities and studies.  I enjoyed being around people I enjoyed learning about others.  I lived in Bolivia for a couple of years and that really opened up my mind to learning, exploring and teaching about culture, and differences of people.  I was already being an investigator and didn’t even know it.  I learned how to observes a subject performing an activity, how to question about interests and places, how to approach people differently, etc.  As I grew, I continued to volunteer, participate and work in many different groups, organizations, companies and agencies.  I learned the importance of gathering information and the power of using the information wisely to discover and accomplish ultimate goals.  I am very fortunate to say that I always worked in places of importance (by that I mean making a difference)  such as:  Family Services, City Hall, US Government. I got all these jobs by implementing what I knew these agencies needed.  I first studied the agencies and there purpose (via internet) and knew what skills I had to offer the agency and how much good I could do.

I do have to say that although I was experiencing investigations, my expertise came later when I worked for USCBP & USCIS.  This is where I learned to value the power of investigations.  I completed reports that reflected information gathered through interviews, investigation and research, including review of public documents.  I have extensive experience in public record search via internet and extensive experience with government agencies databases such as CLAIMS, IBIS, NAILS, NCIC, CIS NIIS, INTERPOL, NACS, and other national and international law enforcement data bases.  I have experience in knowing when to exercise discretion such as: when to stop questioning, stop surveillance and when to take action when fraud is suspected, i.e., conduct preliminary fact finding and initiate action where information indicates fraud has been detected, and take such other action as may be appropriate to complete an investigation.  As you can see my background in information gathering and research is widespread but I know I can always learn more.  While being an Immigration Inspector all I did was background check subjects for example: at port of entry, and in secondary inspections.  I verified identities and separated the fraudulent identifications with the valid ones.  I interviewed and interrogated subjects to gather information and identity when needed.  I even background check companies that sponsored employees to work in the US and found some that where fraudulent.  As a District Adjudications Officer I interviewed daily and checked backgrounds on all applicants and their sponsors.  I interviewed and detected fraudulent marriages and complete fraudulent cases.  I actually became known as the Officer to catch marriage fraud.  It really came easy for me because during interviews I really examined the subjects and put together information I gathered and asked the right questions to get confessions and the truth.  I really enjoyed that.

With my latest agency Eyewitness Investigations I really learned other aspects of investigations such as the surveillance side of it and use of technology such as but not limited to cameras, video and audio surveillance, witness and subject recorded statements, following and tailing subjects, and the one I enjoyed the most decoying a subject.  I participated in test your mate assignments (Me being the decoy). This experience only added to what I have already learned and made my investigation skills even more enhanced and valuable.

I know how to find a subject and gather information (via net, witness, friends, family, work, other) I can now follow subjects undetected, take photographs, record and take statements, and I can be a decoy when needed.  The great thing about all this experience is that I love doing it.



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