Private investigator in Irvine

Don’t cloud your case; Get an Irvine private investigator who’s experienced to investigate and guarantee you a fruitful and successful results. Let Irvine professional private investigator help you sort out your case.

Consult with a private investigator and get a second opinion; It’s always helpful to get a free consultation from an experienced detective. #Privateinvestigator #California #Bluesystemsinternational

A private investigator in Irvine can legally conduct investigations such as court, arrest records, background checks, investigations and surveillance. A consultation with an Irvine private investigator will help in many ways and enlighten a client with many different options that will fit anyone’s goals.

Please text or call 714-592-8000 for free consult.

Be smart and call Irvine private investigator to get the evidence by surveillance & investigations.

Criminals, scammers and stalkers are now very attracted to Irvine because the residents are kind and it’s been abused for weakness. We are private investigators in Irvine and have sworn an oath to help and assist our clients, beyond their belief or expectations.

A private investigator in Irvine can help and assist clients with several professional investigation services including surveillance, background checks, worker compensation sub-rosa defense, due diligence, criminal defense, and Fraud cases. Get a free consult with a licensed Irvine private investigator before making a plan of action or a final decision.

Due diligence is a very important investigation in Irvine since most scammers and criminals are looking for wealth kind people.  Most residents in Irvine, part of Orange County are wealthy, kind and respectful and it’s like heavens for scammers, stalkers, and criminals.  Irvine private investigator specializes in helping clients with complicated cases that involve scammers, stalkers, and criminals.

Everyone should protect themselves by starting a confidential due diligence investigation that entails background checks, surveillance, and verification of identity and information.  It’s never too late to start an investigation in Irvine, CA.

Private detective in Irvine

Orange County private investigator is available to serve clients in Irvine for child custody and child support enforcement cases.

A private investigator in Irvine helping a client. A description of Irvine private detective services in Orange county.

Read Testimonials from Clients Who Have Worked With Our Orange County Private Investigators

Abby Samaan
“Blue systems international private investigators are great and courageous and crazy. Irvine PI is willing to put themselves in harms way and without any problem to investigate and go after and pursuing conniving stalkers, scammers and criminals and to bring the crocks to justice. At the cost of their own safety and well being including the wrath of cyber attacks and fraudulent negative reviews by stalkers, scammers, criminals, and defendants. Blue Systems International, Irvine Private Investigator; Must really enjoy pursuing the conniving stalkers, scammers and criminals.”

Lily Yu
“The Irvine, California is licensed and has extensive experience. Irvine is supposed to be the safest city in America but crime does happen every where. The pi firm has helped me with a burglary and Robbery and they were able to help me find the lady who stole my Givenchy black purse which is one of a kind. It was an incredible investigation that helped me. Peter is an amazing talented PI. I was skeptical and I am very happy that I called.”

Angjelko Pancevski
“Super surveillance private investigators who know how to track my fraudulent partner thorough his cell phone. It was an amazing adventure and experience.”


Stolen Mercedez Benz form California found with a dead body in NY.

A Chinese man rented a car and wouldn’t return it back from Rowland Heights, Ca. Our investigation efforts found the car in NY.  The car was recovered with the driver and a dead body.
The stolen car was found by NYPD 66 Percent in Brooklyn.  The approximate address where the car was found is 1231  59 St. Brooklyn, NY 11219

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