Ontario Private Investigator

Ontario Private Investigation

Blue System International: License #28286

Call a Private Investigator in Ontario for a free consultation: 714-592-8000.


Ontario private investigators specialize in worker compensation sub-rosa investigations and defense.  Worker compensation fraud investigations are very sensitive investigations that are conducted by Ontario private investigators.

Background Investigations       –Fraud

Surveillance                                  –K-9 Drug Detection

TSCM Bug Sweeps                       –Criminal Defense

Missing Persons                           –Child Custody

Infidelity                                         –Locating and interviewing

Retail Integrity Checks                –Witnesses

Workers Comp                              –And much more….

Call a Private Investigator in Ontario for a free consultation at 714-592-8000.

Email us directly at

Thank you for visiting Blue International Investigations website. Do you require assistance in Ontario? You may have never hired a private investigator or even know what one does or how the process works.

The best way to contact us is to submit a brief summary of your issue in our client intake form: /client-intake-form/ and then we will call you in a quick fashion.

Call a Private Investigator in Ontario for a free consultation at 714-592-8000.

Email us directly at phil@nowpi.com

Text (909) 240-4279.

How our process works:

-An initial consultation with an investigator via phone call, email, or message to our website.

-We specialize in surveillance and have the highest technology and equipment that assist with background checks, workers compensation, locating missing people, infidelity, TSCM bug sweeps, retail integrity checks and much more.

-A quick response time can be the only way to do certain cases and a lot of people wait to the last minute to call us because usually they went to a lawyer or the police first.

-After your case has been placed in our file on our website and we agree on a fair fee, you must sign an agreement and we will start immediately.

-Time can be of essence so our short response times are a very important factor in assisting you.

-Our investigators in Ontario have years of familiarity with the Ontario and surrounding area.

-This is very important because the subject could lose the investigator if he is following him at any time and our familiarity of the area greatly decreases any chance of that happening.

-As a PI in Ontario, CA, local surrounding knowledge gives us an edge on retaining important evidence when going inside local bars, clubs, hotels, and hot spots such as the Ontario Mills Mall.

-We are very motivated to give you accurate results for a fair price. We also keep you updated on the case and you may have direct contact with the PI who is working your case.

-We do not keep regular business hours as investigation work does not, but we would like you to call us. Please feel free to call anytime, 24/7, weekends, or after hours.

Popular spots in the City of Ontario: Ontario Mills, Citizens Business Bank Arena, Ontario Convention Center, K1 Speed Ontario, Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing, Ontario Mills Shopping Center Mall, AMC Ontario Mills, Edwards Ontario Palace 22 Imax & RPX, Scandia.

Ontario, CA Private Investigator

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