Online Romance Dating Scam is one of the most aggressive scams that usually wipes out the victim of all assets.

After an online dating scam, clients always experience the aftermath of visiting dating sites and sharing personal information with the wrong person. The online dating scammers are very low to an unbelievable level; And they become your stalker. The scammers will blackmail you about the affair. online dating scammers will use a mistress to blackmail you and shake you down for some $$$; Since they’ve most likely recorded your conversations.

This scammer knows you too well.

The online dating scammers who has evolved and developed into a stalker, will be emailing and mailing phishing letters, including phone calls with threats of blackmail, because there are no secrets that they don’t know about you.

I would need to ask him more questions in order to determine the source.

You and I know never to pay the blackmail; Because it will never end.  You can play a game and send 1 bitcoin with a message to trap the scammer.

Cyber war has been happening and no media is reporting live. Even though cyber crimes are damaging are devastating like the war on ISIS.   Online dating scams is a big part of the cyber war that we are experiencing in today and age.  The terrorism of online dating scams is an epidemic that is turning into a crisis, that requires everyone’s attention.   Imagine losing all of your savings and assets, your emotional feelings and self-respect destroyed, all at the same time. Never send anyone money that you are not married to or know personally for years.  I personally never send anyone money period; unless it’s my children. 

MJ PI refers to this as one aspect of the “Cyberwar on Americans.” These are are criminals who hide behind “electronic doors” to facilitate their evil deeds. He believes it is imperative that we stop and defeat these cyber criminals.This is a growing problem whose losses can be measured not only in the millions of dollars lost by victims but also by the emotional devastation each and every one of them experiences. 

online romantic scammers


Blue Systems International, private investigations firm reports an epidemic that is siphoning all Americans savings and lives.   An increasing calls from online daring scams that have reached approximately an estimated billion dollars in losses and probably more since 1-2% of those being victimized are willing to come forward.  A small number of victims report the online dating scam because of feeling foolish and acute depression.  

Private investigator MJ elaborates more on the systems that the con artist use.   Some scams are very advanced and perfected and others are simply basic tricks that the scammers developed depending on their experience.    These master scammers are able to penetrate and basically hack you, including your mind and emotions.  This scheme is becoming one of the worst crimes in American history since these criminals prey on the elderly’s good nature and kindness.  Mid age men  and women  are not exempt; Since they can be a lucrative target.  

Online dating scams start by the thief placing a fake photo and identity of a handsome and beautiful sexy person who is a former model.  The victim makes contact with the fake identity online and the scheme begins.   Online thieves and scammers have figure out how to entice the victims to make the first contact; After realizing phishing emails don’t work anymore.  Trial, error and consistency are the equation for perfection.   

The romance scammer uses a very tight frame of time with a matter of urgency;  in order to bring the victim for a roller coaster ride while siphoning their money. The romance or online dating scammer is just continually coming up with executes to siphon more money from your parents.  Tutoring, my bag got stollen and is conning the parents or victims by threatening that he or she will fail if they don’t immediately help.   

Most likely the fraudulent scammer is on drugs and asking for you to finance his or her addiction and life style.  I’m pretty sure; This is a classic case of online romance scam and adult abuse if the victim is over 65 years old.

Several investigations of online dating scam cases revealed that the victim made the initial contact with the scammer, through an online dating website.  The scammer always speaks with the victim for couple days and afterwords they claim that they will be leaving the country for a business trip.   The victim discusses with the scammer all of their life sensitive information and sentimental values.  It’s amazing how a criminal can use that information that is the divulged with pleasure from the victim to take full advantage and control.  

In other cases investigations revealed sophisticated online dating scams involve multiple subjects including professional psychologist and professionals who know and understand human behavior, we call them master manipulators.  The master manipulators get together and listen in on every conversation between the victim and the scammer.  This team guides and directs the scammer in order to perfect and hustle the victim until they run out of money.  The professional would analyze every word the victim says and would advise to caller of a perfect response.  The victim has no chance of surviving the master manipulators.  This is an aggressive mind and emotional attack on the victim is described as if multiple physically fit individuals attack and assault one person.  This type of scam is basically taking the victim through a dramatic scenarios that involve the victim and the scammers virtual lies of “I need help”.

The element of surprise and multiple subjects would empower any victim as we see in horror movies.   It’s amazing when we see multiple criminals piling up on one person; we realize that these criminals should be punished to the fullest extend of the law.  Online dating scams are devastating and exactly as an actual physical Attack; however we don’t pay attention; since these attacks are not considered as dangerous as the physical injuries.

Everyone is encouraged to run a background check when meeting someone online since crime is a record high and your emotional feelings are worth more than you think.How to Lose Your Life Savings Within Ninety Days or Your Money Back—Not!!!

Otherwise known as every online dating scam that preys upon good hearted and hard working American people. MJ PI wants the public to know that he is receiving an increasing number of calls and inquiries from individuals and victims from all walks of life (at least 1-2 per week) falling victim to these slick cyber crooks. Sadly, he states this only represents 1-2% of those being victimized because only a small number are willing to come forward. 

Detective MJ describes the process these con artists use to lure victims as something similar to grooming. They are clever! He emphasizes that he has had people with no education or Master’s and Doctoral Degrees fall victim to this, so these criminals are master manipulators. Once they have you in their grip, connected to them, caught up in their drama, little by little, in ever increasing amounts, they begin to siphon money from you. 

We also need to protect our senior citizens who are especially vulnerable. They are often lonely, place a different value on money, and due to fears of being humiliated, will not report being victims of these types of criminal scams. The best defense is to not   answer unsolicited emails and definitely never provide anyone with your financial information, social security number or anything that can compromise your money, credit, or identity.

Afterward, thoughts and ideas come to mind on how to immediately prevent these crimes from happening again. 

Please forward this information to everyone in order to have a chance against this terrifying evil epidemic that is stealing hard earned income and destroying lives.  Please encourage everyone to report a crime at our website

Romance Scam online, by Nigerian scammers. PI can help you find truth.

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