Newport Beach Private Investigator

Newport Beach private investigator can address the most complicated cases with discreet and confidentiality.  Newport Beach is the home to the most successful, sophisticated and intelligent citizens of Orange County, California.  Therefore, private investigator MJ understands how important to conduct an efficient investigation that is confidential and within the laws of the City of Newport Beach.  In order to protect our clients, their assets and confidentiality; The private investigation firm is insured with a $2 Million policy.  Our private investigation license NO. through the State of California is PI 28286.

Newport Beach private detective

Newport Beach private investigator

Hiring an experienced private investigator is an important task; Since the evidence and proof are essential to winning your case in court.   Judges and the legal system recognize private investigators as non-parties and non-bias to the legal action; In fact the value of Newport Beach private investigator testimony in  a court of law is priceless. Since, the private investigator is based on actual evidence and without any type of attachment to the case; Other than a professional private investigator that was hired to investigate the case.

Newport Beach private investigator MJ enjoys helping clients of Newport Beach and takes pride in completing an assignment with outstanding results that uplifts the clients and provides them with justice.  Financial gain is one way a Newport Beach private investigator is compensated; However, MJ PI enjoys the feeling of solving the case and tilting the justice of scale to help a client who is a victim and depended on him for help.

Private investigator and legal experience as an expert witness within the court of law has demonstrated the importance of evidence and unveiling the truth before an Orange county Judge. Private investigator MJ can testify before a court of law and produce Evidence that was collected during the investigation.  The evidence includes surveillance photos, background check reports and any other items recovered by the private investigator during the investigation.







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