Loss Prevention


The need for a Loss Prevention department will be one of the best business decisions that will impact and protect the company’s assets at no cost, with a piece of mind.   Here are the highlights for a Loss Prevention department;

  1. Protect your company’s assets
  2. Ensure compliance with your company’s rules and regulations
  3. Background checks will ensure professionals and not criminals
  4. Loss Prevention interview techniques will ensure that you hire qualified hard workers
  5. Ensure a safer and relaxed work environment
  6. Avoid lawsuits and litigation costs (Our firm is insured with a $ 2 million policy)
  7. Protect and secure your contracts with other companies by ensuring an outstanding and professional work environment

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Current safety conditions are very dangerous and unacceptable.  Almost every background check we run, comes back with arrest records.  It appears as if the company has posted ads in correction facilities.

We can set up the loss prevention department for you at an affordable cost, customized to your business needs.

When undergoing a change for Loss Prevention for a company, one must consider the advantages and the money that will be saved in the long run. Most organizations have insurances to cover any unexpected costs for the losses they may experience. This will bring the total cost of premium rates up depending on their past claims. About 70-95 percent of the cost of insurance premiums varies based on the loss experience, so loss-prevention activities can have a huge impact on the bottom line. This can also make a huge impact for the shareholders and investors of the corporation.

Loss prevention goes beyond safety programs. What Blue Systems International can do for you is to do better background checks on every applicant, before he or she is hired. We can organize a better system to form better relationships with your employees about loss prevention. Have more meetings to help explain to your employees the importance of loss prevention and how they can help and deal with it. It would also be helping themselves in the long run. Whether loss prevention would be theft or safety, it would definitely benefit the employee as well as the employer. Building strong relationships with your workers and co-workers and customers is best for success.

Blue Systems International would also help by utilizing Secret Shoppers to go into stores to purchase items using marked bills. This would help to see who if anyone is stealing. The manager at the end of the night would be notified of the marked bills planted, (usually the larger bills that would not be given back as change later in the evening or at the beginning of the day when the drawer is still with small cash.)

The stores would need to be scrutinized with the camera security system to make sure all can be seen within the store and the warehouse. Employees taking items from the warehouse while trucks are unloading could be another way to reduce losses if a proper camera is installed. Especially, during the holiday seasons, which are coming up. Also, putting extra uniformed security decoys in the stores with obvious décor will help detour any extra shop lifters. This will help significantly for minimal amount of money. With Blue Systems International being an outside agency, there would nothing but professionalism helping to monitor each store.  Prevention efforts do not have to be expensive, but they should be thorough.

Also, Blue Systems International is able to engage plain clothed detectives to be in the stores to watch the shoppers as well. They may walk in and out of the store and periodically just seem to be on looking. These people might not be the secret shoppers, but if you desire, they may be a full time part of the security at each store.

At the end of every week or month, Blue Systems International will run a report. With the help of the company’s statistics, we can make an analysis if the impact we have made. It is important to do periodic impact analyses. The business must think of loss prevention as not just solving on issue, but as a total business model change. We can help make that change, for the betterment of your company.

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