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According to a report by NPR, a growing number of parents are hiring drug-sniffing dogs to search their teens’ bedrooms and find out if they are using illegal substances, leading to a rise in private businesses that train and rent out detection dogs. What do you think?

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“I am happy for those of you who have never had a loved one deep in the throes of addiction. I hope you never do though it would be nice if you’d open your minds a bit.

I’ve lost two sisters. The ability to detect drugs privately and know for sure is quite valuable. An early intervention and being able to decide treatment options is a gift. The legal system isn’t the place for recovery and if calling the cops is your only choice, that’s where your loved one goes.”

– Henry H.

“I just wish there was an easier way to tell my children I love them.”

– Kurt M.

Millions of people are troubled at this very moment, worried their children are using drugs and maybe even hiding a it in the family home… right under their noses. Monitoring Social Media accounts or exploring through dresser drawers is no longer enough. Confrontations are pointless; without proof, the kids deny any wrongdoing.

How far would you move to uncover the reality about your kid’s drug use? Would you hire a drug-sniffing dog to trace down illegal substances in the home? More and more parents are doing just that, ultimately singing the praises of a fine-tuned canine nose.

Alcohol and drug abuse is rising among adolescents and teenagers, inflicting home life to be turned the wrong way up. For parents at the end of their rope, hiring private businesses to bring in highly trained drug dogs could be a quick and unique way to get the reality. When dogs search the house or a car for illegal substances, what they find will either put the parents’ minds at ease or confirm their fears. If drugs are discovered, at least it gives parents a chance to formulate an idea and guarantee their kid receives correct treatment.

If drugs are found, the handlers can inform the accompanying parent and help them locate any illegal substances. Once drugs are found, it is up to the parent to dispose of them. Handlers are not allowed to require the drugs with them under any circumstances.

Most handlers carry drug testing kits. If requested, they will take a look at a suspected substance and facilitate parents establish exactly what was found. They will also provide parents with contact information for local and national rehab facilities. These resources will help parents verify what to do next and how to properly help their child.

Parents can rest assured that the searches, finds, and test results are held in strict confidence. Most dogs/handlers even arrive in unmarked vehicles, especially in metropolitan areas and neighborhoods.

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