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Blue Systems International private Investigations are criminal defense investigators for the people. BSI Pi firm is on your side and are trained professional criminal defense investigators with reliable sound experience that produces acquittal and not guilt verdicts. Hiring a sound criminal defense attorney is important; However, you will not have adequate defense to win your case, without a criminal defense investigator to investigate and combat the police findings and the district attorneys investigators.

Criminal defense investigator is a necessary and important part of a defense team combined with a good criminal defense attorney because lawyers can’t create or manufacture evidence; Only a licensed and experienced criminal defense investigator can find the necessary evidence to help you defend your case and get you a “Not Guilty” verdict. Get the help that you need today and don’t gamble with your life.  Think of your criminal defense lawyer as a weapon to fight for you in a court law and think of an experienced criminal defense investigator as the ammunition that your weapon needs in order to fight back for you.  You can hire the best, best and most advanced criminal defense lawyer and it will be like having a state of the art sophisticated weapon without any ammunition unless you hire a criminal defense investigator.   Always hire a criminal defense attorney and hire your own criminal defense investigator in order to stay in control and have both the lawyer and the investigator work hard to impress and please you.  Don’t go with the criminal defense attorney’s investigator who will have a duty to the lawyer and not you. 

All criminal cases require the services of a professional investigator. The criminal investigator is one of the most important members of the defense team; Who is capable to complete background checks, surveillance and on ground state of the art investigations that can prove a defendants innocence and can enlighten the prosecution to the exact events that occurred which led to the crime.

The criminal investigator has several different, but equally important functions in preparing for an effective defense to the government’s or anyone’s charges.  Our team and criminal investigator’s staff consist of former Federal and State law enforcement officers have the knowledge, skills, experience and training to provide professional criminal defense investigations. A combined experience of over 100 years that can serve you and your family with outstanding results and solutions!

Request InvestigationThe best defense in a Criminal Law case is having a capable Private investigator and a lawyer at you side; one who can analyze the Criminal Law issues involved and can represent and advise you practically. Criminal Law investigators understand criminal law and are aware of the courts rules and procedures. Remember you have only one chance and your freedom depends on Criminal Law; Don’t delay time is not on your side in most cases!

We provide Criminal Law advisory and Criminal Law consultancy services right from the time of the bail hearing to the time of the trial. We have vast experience in dealing with a diverse range of criminal issues; that vary from the most minor issues to the most complicated and severe ones. Our Criminal Law organization takes great pride in the ability of our lawyers and the commitment they show towards their clients and their work. Due to the extensive knowledge of criminal law and criminal court procedure we are able to offer our services in a great number of areas related to criminal law. Our core areas of practice consist of;

1. Crimes against the Person is part of Criminal Law

Crimes against the person usually have consequences that could be serious and defending and prosecuting such a case is usually quite difficult. Thus both the prosecution and the defense should be technically sound and should have the requisite experience and insight.

We have Criminal Law experience of over 100 years and our team is trained in representing clients with regard to such serious crimes. Criminal Law covers Such offenses include:

  • Murder
  • Assault
  • Abduction
  • Sexual Offenses
  • Robbery
  • Criminal Harassment
  • Young offenders

2. Criminal Law: Crimes against Property

Crimes against the property involve the unlawful interference with someone’s property. It
could include taking away someone’s property or damaging someone else’s property.

Such crimes that are done on a small level are considered as Criminal Law misdemeanors, however some are charged as felonies and their Criminal Law punishments include fine or in certain Criminal Law circumstances even jail time. These are usually high-volume crimes, meaning that they involve products that are of high value. Controlling such crimes is important for maintaining a suitable environment for economic activity. Our expertise lies in providing Criminal Law advice and representing for crimes against property and our team has the requisite Criminal Law knowledge and experience needed for such cases. Such crimes include:

  • Fraud
  • Theft
  • Burglary
  • Mischief
  • Cyber Crime

When cases are properly handled, there is bound to be either a loser or a winner. This tells you a lot about what happens when the declaration is made. The end result is that the winner goes home smiling while the loser might just have to bite the dust. Collecting judgment is a necessity especially when the declaration is made; thus, there is a need to have the right professionals hitting the ground running. Acting on your behalf, the team of experts will strive to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve after winning a case.

Convenient and reliable work relationship with clients is an outstanding ability that is only achievable when working with the best. There are clearly very few obstacles when dealing with an experienced team of personnel. This is because they will handle all the tasks that you might feel are overwhelmingly burdening. The important activities in collecting judgment are usually involving; thus, there is a need to deal with the best. Ensuring that the court order is implemented and every ruling made is adhered to is not as herculean as one might possibly think. With a dedicated legal team in place and doing everything to ensure that you receive the rightful amount of compensation, there is every reason to keep smiling.

Ensuring that the judgment issued in your favor is implemented to the latter is something that never comes easy all the time. It is noteworthy taking into consideration the fact that not all cases receive the much needed compensation. This piece of paper written in your favor might just be the first step towards receiving full compensation. There is every need to ensure that each favor granted by the court is given to the demanding person as stated in the ruling.

Guided by the highest ethical standards of behavior, our team of experts will ensure that the piece of paper given to you serves you right. Proper collection of the necessary requirements is an activity that cannot just be overruled; therefore, you stand a better chance of receiving compensation when we are involved. There are some guidelines that are applied when handling your task which are vital components in the whole process. Some of these include professionalism and privacy which are important pillars of what we believe in. Now, there is no more need to worry when the experts are right where you need them.

Common Legal Defenses for CA Crimes

1) Accidents
2) Alibis
3) Coerced Confessions
4) Double Jeopardy
5) Duress
6) Entrapment
7) False Accusations / Wrongful Arrest
8) Insanity
9) Lack of Probable Cause
10) Mistaken Identity
11) Mistake of Fact
12) Necessity
13) Parent’s Right to Discipline a Child
14) Police Misconduct
15) Self-Defense / Defense of Others
16) Unconsciousness
Voluntary / Involuntary Intoxication

A criminal investigation is an effort to uncover the information about any type of crime that occurs. There are three ways that we use to bring a person to justice for committing a crime they are: confess the act, allow an officer to be informed of the crime, and a criminal investigation to identify the suspect so that he/she can be convicted by trial.

In most of the cases when the criminal acts are committed a person usually has two concerns that they are worried about. They want to be aware of the person who committed the crime and also the reason for it.

Most of the individuals who break the law do it for a particular purpose known as a motive. The motive usually does not come right after a person has been identified in a criminal investigation. There are times when the suspect can be known and used to capture the criminal. This often occurs with the crimes such as murders and also kidnappings. In some situations notes or even other kinds of evidence can be left behind to reveal the actual reason for the crime.

These kinds of criminal investigations are conducted by the Police and also the Licensed Private Investigators. There are also other agencies that investigate and launch the criminal charges and they are the (IRS) Internal Revenue Service and the (FBI) Federal Bureau of Investigation.

After reading this if you have additional questions, we invite you to contact us at 714-592-8000. To read about this further, please check out this article. If you need a private investigator for a criminal defense investigation in Orange County, Riverside, or San Bernardino, don’t hesitate or wait – contact us now. 

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