Child Abuse Investigation

Why we specialize in Child Abuse Investigations?

Children are defenseless, innocent and are our future.  Only a sick predator would over power a defenseless innocent child.   Private investigators strive and take pride in stopping child abuse and saving the children.

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Child abuse investigation

Can you imagine that every 10 seconds there is a child abuse case reported in the USA?  Four (4) or more children die every day because of child abuse and 70% of those children are under Four (4) years old. . Approximately 90% of juvenile sex abuse victims know the offender.  Child abuse occurs in every culture, country, ethnic group, religion including non and all educational levels.  Child abuse and sex offenders have concurred all humanity.

Child abuse Case scenario

I have advised a client to have her child son (6 years old) interviewed in relation to a parental alienation via pending divorce. The mother suspects abuse of her child from the father (no substantial evidence other than the child is acting out). The mother will be reporting the parental alienation and abuse to child protective services but she wants an independent interview as well. She is looking for someone who is qualified (child psychologist, qualified investigator, etc.) to conduct an interview and prepare a statement for court. Because of the age of the child and most people’s lack of understanding child psychology. We can record and conduct the interview with a qualified child psychologist in order to satisfy and meet the legal, psychological and professional requirements that would surround and direct this type of scenario.

I take extra care and caution when investigating child abuse cases since I strongly disagree with anyone who abuses children under any circumstances.  I am fully aware of the State of California child abuse and neglect laws which are criminal in nature.

There’s a fine line between child abuse and being firm with a child.  I grow up in a protective, restricted christian family and I know what the firm means.  I don’t agree with parents who attempt to use child abuse allegations in order to gain revenge from the other parent.  This phenomena has been recorded at a very high number within the past few decades.  The legal system and the courts now recognize how one parent may raise the allegations of child abuse in order to gain custody, revenge or control the other parent.

I have investigated several cases of child abuse and I have learned that when dealing with children there are several factors to consider; that most adults don’t realize.

Child abuse and the varying opinions of what is right and wrong (in lieu of Adrian Peterson-Vikings issue).

Children are very sensitive and their brain has not developed as an adult. In fact this phenomena causes a mis-communication which results in a regretful aggressive behavior by the parent(s). The child may repeat a bad behavior that a parent prohibits. The parent doesn’t realize that the child is not mocking them but simply didn’t remember that the act was prohibited. In other theories the child’s brain didn’t process that this act is wrong because of safety issues, for example.
The legal system and the courts always finds the adult or parent guilty since we as adults are capable of comprehending and in control of our actions. A child is at a disadvantage of lacking the comprehension capability and being uneducated or trained correctly by the adult or parent.

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