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Get StartedAccess to immediate on-the-ground raw data and first hand assessments, on events, movements, infrastructure disruptions, and issues not reported by the media.

  • Utilize reports unavailable to competitors.
  • Live video-streaming of in-the-moment events on-the-ground not shared with the media. Ask our observer questions about the event or protest, the sentiment, actions of local or regional government– as it happens. We are your industrial intelligence center on the ground.
  • Take advantage of valuable information about public and commercial events before it hits the marketplace.
  • Count the number of trucks entering shipping and receiving to confirm company reports.
  • Tap into a local representative that’s culturally bilingual in the Middle East, Latin America, Asia, or Europe.
  • Locate knock off products in the marketplace, as our representative interacts with the seller at a trade show. The entire meeting is video-streamed to your computer or smart phone; without leaving your office. Ask questions of the Subject through our investigator–in real time.
  • Obtain detailed reporting about a commercial zone or neighborhood before buying real estate, opening an office or relocating. This information is usually not available in third-world countries without an on-site report.
  • Identify unseen and uncalculated risks in the business plan.
  • GPS company assets, vehicles, or a briefcase. Track the movement of a bait product.
  • Minimize downtime by reducing travel.
  • Increase privacy in data collection. Your competitors won’t see you operating in areas of interest.
  • Optimize impact in your area of responsibility.
  • Understand the local sentiment to a proposed manufacturing facility. Encourage opinion makers to take your side on a project.
  • Hedge against price gouging in the acquisition of real estate by identifying opportunities in advance.
  • Purchase land privately to avoid organized price manipulations.
  • When traveling to a foreign country, stay at a local residence without attracting attention.
  • Influence local opinion in favor of your project.
  • Travel with an immediately available entourage to protect your security, your interests and your investments.
  • Access camouflaged solar powered, battery-backed, video streaming of your project for remote surveillance. Confirm reports from people who may only pretend to be looking after your interests. Trust but verify.
  • Recover land from squatters in a non-confrontational, non-violent manner.
  • Access press passes in countries where a license is required.
  • Recover stolen hardware transported abroad.

If you need a private investigator in Orange County, Riverside, San Bernardino, or anywhere in Southern California for an industrial or business related investigation, contact Blue Systems International today – 714-592-8000.

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