Business Consulting

Google cloud on board conference meeting in Irvine on August 28, 2018 is very informing and educational. Google has spend $30 Billion dollars on infrastructure and continues to spend more.




an intelligent business consultant would keep up with all the technology that Google has been creating.

President Trump, plays good cop and bad cop, on the edge. A very unique technique that might be the answer to hostile negotiations. #Privateinvestigator #BusinessConsultant

Save large sums of money, stress, health and headaches by engaging with an excellent experienced business consultant that can help you move up the success ladder smoothly and efficiently. After 27 years of practicing in the private investigations business; Solving, eliminating liability and addressing business problems has been one of my expertise.

Business consulting is a very unique business that is a secret of successful business men and women who became Millionaires and Billionaires. A business consultant is like a coach who is watching your every move and advising you of all the right moves to reach your goal and win the game. International travel of 45 counties, managing million dollar companies all over the world, combined with 25 years as a private investigator has earned me the title of a business consultant. I always think outside of the box and I’m a big believer of what my father has taught me; God bless his sole: “What ever happens, is for the best and always thank the good powerful, merciful, and loving lord. Another words, be humble and think outside of the box with a large doses of steroids. Business consulting is like having a coach on steroids.

I enjoy working with people who are looking forward to excel and are sincere with pure honesty.


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