BSI Private Investigator Agreement

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    The undersigned; herein referred to as the “CLIENT”; do hereby retain and employ the above named firm; herein referred to as the “FIRM”, as private investigators in order to conduct an INVESTIGATION. The client will not reveal or advice anyone that an investigation is being conducted, in order to ensure the safety of the investigators and preserve the quality of the investigation.
  • ANY AND ALL FUTURE INVESTIGATIVE SERVICES AND LEGAL ISSUES WILL BE ADDRESSED IN WRITING ONLINE AT WWW.NOWPI.COM The client understands and agrees that the professional fees will be a set at $ 105.00 USD per hour plus any and all costs. The minimum hours of engagement for an episode of an investigation is 4 hours. The client understands the firm fees, costs and expenses are nonrefundable; regardless the outcome of the case. The client and the firm agree on a retainer in the amount of:
  • to be paid at the execution of this agreement which will be utilized towards the investigation. The client agrees to pay the firm immediately for any outstanding invoices and funds due to the firm within 10 days. In the case the client makes a stop payment on a credit card payment or a check; than the firm will have the right to recover triple damages from the client. Furthermore, confidentiality will NOT stand in case of a dispute.


    Any other or additional issues will be addressed in person or by a written request in English at, CASE UPDATE FORM. All communication and requests must be in writing via online at If the client fails to communicate with the firm, than the firm has the right to cancel said agreement and demand immediate payment of all services rendered. The client has downloaded, read and understood the “Rules of Engagement from


    The CLIENT understands that the FIRMS main goal is to protect CLIENT’s rights, assets and interests. Therefore, the client has been truthful and didn’t lie to the firm. The FIRM has made No GUARANTEE, promise the success or outcome of any case. The client understands that lying or deceiving the firm, would endanger the private investigators and its agents. The client will hold the firm harmless from any damages or legal actions that might arise from the investigation of this case. In the event that the client lies to the firm, than the firm will have the right to withdraw from the case without notice and will not provide any reports or evidence. Furthermore, the firm will invoice the client for the entire investigation including costs and the client will pay for the firm’s time, expenses and costs. The FIRM will recognize and abide by client confidentiality privilege as long as the CLIENT will do the same. Therefore, both parties agree that all communication will be deemed confidential. Confidentiality will NOT survive in a case of dispute between the firm and the client.


    Client agrees to hold the firm, representatives and its agents harmless from any and all damages, losses, costs and expenses including attorney fees, suffered or incurred in connection with or arising out of claims which are occasioned by any disclosure of any part of said reports. In Witness Whereof, the Parties set their hands on the date that is mentioned above. This instrument (including any exhibits) contains the entire contract between the parties. This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Orange County, California. The prevailing party shall be entitled to court costs, private investigations fees and attorney’s fees.
  • Blue Systems International sincerely apologizes about the extensiveness of questions in our forms on our website; however, we deal with very complex stalker cases, we prosecute those individuals, and they often end in convictions and in jail. It is common for those psychotic criminal stalkers to call, harass and disturb the firm; including cyber online attacks. Therefore, we utilize a thorough process via online forms to ensure all clients are who they claim to be. We extend our gratitude for choosing our firm and we look forward to working with you in the near future and exceeding your expectations.
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