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Blue Systems International private investigation firm is also known as BSI Pi firm or #BSIPiFirm.

Blue Systems International private investigation firm has been suffering from Online Cyber attacks and bullying from Stalkers, Defendants, and adversaries who are criminals.   Criminals, stalkers, devious individual, and defendants are taking full advantage of today’s technologically advanced and computerized age; And are using this online internet technology in order to seek retaliation, revenge and defame a legitimate business or individual.   

Private investigator Orange County is currently investigating used car dealer fraud cases, through comprehensive background checks and surveillance.  We can help you, if recently you have purchased a car from an individual or a used car dealer and don’t have the car title or registration; including California DMV will not register the car because the vehicle title is not valid.  If you’re trying to find the person or used car dealer who sold you the car, truck, van, suv, vessel or boat; Please call Orange County private investigators for free confidential consultation at 714-592-8000.  Private investigator Orange County can check motor vehicle plates and Vin numbers.  Orange County private investigators are offering discounts on Orange County background checks, and Los Angeles County background checks for clients that are following us on Google my business.

Orange County private investigators are offering discounts for clients that are following us on Google my business. Orange County private detective experience, professionalism and advanced techniques that can help with your investigative needs.

We’ve always heard the famous quote “Hell Hath No Fury, Like A Woman Scorned”; And my own personal quote to compliment; “Hell Hath No Fury, Like A Man’s wrath”.  Women and Men that are stalkers, defendants and devious criminals that we help the police and state attorney prosecutors; These scammer criminals become vigorously angry, full of malice and unstable.  Consequently, all these stalkers and criminals revert back to their sneaky, fraudulent and devious natures and start an online cyberbullying attack on Blue Systems International private investigation firm. 

Let’s forensically investigate how these cyber crimes and bullying start.  All clients who seek the help of private investigators are in the middle of a case with an evil fraudulent and deceitful individual, Or in some cases individuals.  Blue systems international private investigators are the best at investigating complex cases and finding out the truth.  Fraud Investigation is one of our most popular investigative cases that no other private investigator or competitor is experienced or capable of handling such Fraud investigation.  In Fraud investigation, our main goal is to identify the fraudulent scammer and figure out precisely how the fraudulent scammer was able to deceit, lie and fool the victim into investing in the fraud scheme. 

In other cases such as a stalker, who preys on an emotionally and physically weak victim and continues to bully them until one of Blue systems international private investigators starts a stalker investigation and puts a stop to it.  I can’t even describe in words how angry, ferocious and monstrously the stalker becomes.  Stalker cases are actually most of the dangerous cases that escalate into physical harm and threats that lead and end up into physical contact between the private investigator and the stalker.  The stalker starts cyberbullying and harassing Blue systems international private investigators.

As a Federal judge,  Once told me that “No good deed goes unpunished”; is a very true statement that has proved itself year after year in many cases. In other words, the meaning becomes more clearly every time Blue Systems International private investigators successfully spotlight the scammer, criminals, and the evidence; Consequently, these scammers, fraudulent criminals will come back and cyber attack and cyberbully the PI firm in a spiteful retaliation attempt to destroy the business.

Therefore these scammers/stalkers, defendants, and criminals revert to their immoral and clandestine behavior of harassing and cyberbullying blue systems private investigation firm.  All these negative fraudulent reviews and cyber attacks are because Blue Systems International private investigators firm has uncovered the truth and facts; In the course of doing so, have helped a victim in need. 

Scammers, stalkers, criminals, and defendant are cowards in nature and always target the weak victims because they’re a weak prey.

At the end of the day,  Blue systems International private investigators always thanks the good Lord, Jesus Christ for his blessings, And protection from this inhumane vicious scammer, stalker criminals who have the intent to harm and hurt people for money or pleasure gains.

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