Why you should hire a private eye

private eye

private eye

This is an article on why you should hire a private eye

Hiring a private eye is going to save you money and time. According to google the average private eye is going to charge anywhere from $40 an hour to over $100 an hour, and a lawyer according to google can cost anywhere from $150 to $500 per hour. Instead of paying a high price for a lawyer to gather information, private investigators are extremely knowledgeable and mostly former law enforcement to save you money by building your future lawyer his or her case. 

Private eye collects information and surveillance, so you can have irrefutable evidence to prove your case before taking all the evidence to a lawyer. Because private investigators have advanced tools and systems they can provide clients with the best results. Besides the everyday person using private investigator for his or her case, lawyers, business owners, law enforcement and even lawyers hire private investigators to assist them in cases. 

Current revenue

According to IBIS World (January 2017) current revenue is $6B and is grow expected to grow at 1.6%.  Private eyes are essential to the criminal justice field because of their ability to work on a verity of different cases including but not limited too child custody cases, stalking cases, workers comp cases, missing persons cases, business investigations, child abuse investigations, crime scene investigations and fraud investigations. Having evidence admissible in court is imperative. That includes but not limited too detailed reports, photogenic evidence, texts, emails and voicemail. In todays world the internet and social media plays a huge role in collecting evidence and locating someone. Whether you are looking for a suspect, missing persons or doing surveillance. 

Data provided by a private eye

The data provided by a private eye can be game changing to a case.  A private eye will provide data such as visual confirmation of a suspect’s actions or whereabouts.  A PI’s confirmation is credible because they are a third party removed from the case.  Additionally, a PI conducts research, either online or by collecting photographic and in some instances physical evidence.  Physical evidence can include paperwork.

Gathering information

It is important to gather information on the person starting with the basics of whowhat, when, where and why. Here are some examples, who is the person you are looking for? Who do they associate themselves with? What kind of person do their family and peers describe them as? What was going on in their life at the time of the crime or at the time they went missing? When did they start exhibiting unusual behavior “if any” was there a specific life event going on at the time? For instance, divorce, drug use, mental health issues? Where do they work?  Why did they run away, commit a crime or where they taken against their will?  

I feel that using these basic questions is a great start to gathering information to put together a case for your attorney thus saving you time and money.

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