The search for a missing relative/person: where do I start?

The search for a missing relative/person: where do I start?




Every day in large and small cities dozens or hundreds of people disappear. In 95% of cases, they are sought by relatives, friends and other persons. The need for the search is dictated by different reasons: some are looking for people close to them, others are interested in the missing person because he owes them, the third learned that the people close to them have moved to another place of residence, where exactly it is unknown.

To find the missing people successful in the short time, it is necessary to take the right actions. There are several ways to search: independent, through law enforcement agencies or through private detective agencies.


You contact law enforcement …


When you contact the police you need to take a photo and a personal thing of the missing person. The authorities take the following actions:


  • as soon as the signal from the attendant comes in, an operational-search group is formed;
  • the group receives from the person who has addressed the details of the missing person, about the events that preceded the disappearance, and other details that will help in the search;
  • employees begin their searches: they interview people, go around houses in the area of possible disappearance, “comb” the territory;

During the first 14 days, searches are conducted in hot pursuit. If the search has not yielded results, then referrals are sent to various organizations: hospitals, morgues, stations, etc.

The coordinated and responsible work of law enforcement officers largely depends on the success of search activities


Self-search for a missing person: where to start?


To this method, the relatives of the disappeared person resort to cases where there is no hope for law enforcement agencies. Independently the actions should be carried out in the following order:


  • Identify the circle of acquaintances, friends, relatives. Call and interview them all.
  • Interview passers-by and live in those places where the person is most likely missing.
  • Form a group of volunteers who are ready to help with the search and together with them to inspect the parks, forests, streets.
  • Call the hospital and find out if the unknown person has arrived.
  • Dissolve search ads with a photo of the missing.
  • Take advantage of the potential of social networks. Now they are an excellent “assistant” in the search, they help to reach a large number of people and increase the chances that one of them saw the missing.

You contact private detective agencies…


Private detectives are one of the few who are searching for missing people. They are getting involved when they understand that there is little chance of finding a person by law enforcement forces. Very often, because of the workload of police officers, the search is delayed, and the precious time goes by this time.


Private detectives approach the search responsibly and provide a quick and effective result. The population is sure that if a person is lost, that it is necessary to wait three days and only then contact the police. Private detectives recommend: your relative, friend, friend disappeared, you can not find him? Do not waste your time, otherwise  it will be missed! If you suspect that something bad has happened, then immediately contact the professionals.


They will carry out a complex of effective actions: interrogation of witnesses, observation of necessary objects, inspections of premises, buildings, disappearance sites, etc. The measures carried out by them will help to find a person in hot pursuit.


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