Printing and detailing text messages (SMS)

detailing sms

 Printing and detailing  SMS

Personal life or business relationships, security issues or just curiosity – all this often causes a desire to learn more about telephone conversations of close people, business partners, relatives, and friends. A modern mobile phone is an ideal means of communication. A person takes it with him everywhere and therefore uses it constantly. Therefore, having learned the information about calls and SMS, it is possible to follow a person’s life in sufficient detail.

Who is able to print the SMS and call detailing? After all, to provide this information there are certainly some services. It is enough to type in the search system “SMS printing” or “call detailing”so that the query results are offered a whole list of companies that are ready to help in obtaining information. However, it is premature to rejoice in such a number of proposals.

It’s no secret that on the Internet today there is a huge amount of fraud. Such a topic as the content of SMS and calls is perfectly suited to make money on it, and of course, there are people who create sites that promise to “do everything”. But in reality, the interested person only loses money and does not receive the necessary help under various plausible pretexts.

Often, the services that promise to help with printing and detailing, simply offer to pay for the order before its execution and then inform that the order is issued with an error and take the money. But there are specialists who are really ready to help in such issues as printing out calls and detailing SMS. The services of these specialists fall into two categories: legal and illegal. Legal open communications to the communication operator are legal, and secret private appeals are illegal.

Printing out SMS and detailing calls for modest, decent and astronomical amounts

With an official request, the telecom operator will provide a minimum of information. By submitting an ID  and paying the right amount, you can usually get the details of your own calls in a spreadsheet format. You will see a list of contacts, duration of conversations and Internet sessions. As for the detailing of other people’s calls and the printing of other people’s conversations, they can be provided only by the operators of the communication operator, which most often are programmers.

So, a loud story with the appearance in the network of printouts of SMS operator “xxx” had an interesting feature. In the program responsible for the work of the corporate site, the file “robots. txt “, and in the general access were more than 8000 SMS-messages.  There are rumors that the company’s programmer responsible for this was fired from – xxx . But was immediately taken to another company – yyy. Evil tongues claim that he received hundreds of thousands  for sabotage.

The specialists working in the companies-operators of communication, it is really possible to obtain the necessary information, however, for a smaller amount. Directly or through intermediaries, they charge several thousand dollars for each service. By the way, the amount is an indicator of the reality of services. Where they are offering  for $200 – 500, you can not even stay. Printing out SMS and detailing calls via unofficial channels is not a cheap service.

Communication operators

As for access to other people’s SMS messages and call details, there are many stories. So, officially, communication operators say that, for example, text messages are stored in the company only two days. But other sources say that all information about calls, including content and contacts, remains forever. Ostensibly this is necessary for special services in the interests of security. Without a wry soul, you can only say one thing: the secret services can always get everything they want.

As for ordinary citizens, it is best for them to use the services that the carrier offers officially. If they want to know more about a person or enterprise, simply printing out calls and detailing SMS will hardly help. In such cases, it is best to contact the services of a detective agency. They can offer a whole range of measures to resolve the issues that have arisen and will provide all the necessary assistance in obtaining information of any kind.

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