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Private investigator witnessed a hit and run auto accident on 04/07/2017

Private investigator, MJ PI witnessed auto accident on 04/07/2017; A silver Chrysler PT cruiser, bearing California license plate number: 6NSE066 Rear-ended a black Toyota Camry. A female was driving the silver Chrysler PT cruiser.  After the accident the female driver took off and left the scene of an auto accident.

A hit and run auto accident is a very serious crime that is punished by jail time. Don’t leave the scene of an accident because it’s morally wrong and it can cost you thousands of dollars and your freedom.

The hit and run auto accident occurred on  Orangethrope Avenue and Raymond Avenue intersection.  The Black Toyota Camry was in the left turning lane to turn on Raymond Avenue, when suddenly the Silver PT cruiser rear ended the Black Toyota Camry.  Afterwards, the silver PT cruiser changed out of the left turning lane onto Orangethrope Avenue in order to escape the scene of the auto accident.  The female driver of the silver PT cruiser was not counting that there are private investigators, law enforcement officers and good samaritans who have dash cams and are witnesses.

I saw the female driver of the Black Toyota Camry who was confused and stressed out because this lady rear ended her car very hard and just took off.  I decided to pursue the Silver PT Cruiser in order to get her license plate number and I went back to the scene of the accident and waited for the police to arrive with the victim of the auto accident.

At that time my dash cam was on and recording the incident and the actions of the female driving the  Silver PT cruiser.

Detective MJ auto accident chrysler

silver Chrysler PT cruiser by MJ PI

female driver of hit and run auto accident capture by private investigator MJ

female driver of hit and run auto accident capture by private investigator MJ

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