PI can do it, not you.

Pi can do it and not, you mean that a private investigator can do private investigation work and not anyone else who is not a licensed private investigator who has experience and knowledge of the law.

Blue systems international private investigations frim reminds the public and everyone that a  Pi can do it, not you.  The private investigator is a licensed professional who investigates the truth and proves it through photos, video and various techniques that are recognized and admissible in a court of law.

Rules of evidence and procedures is a book that is approximately 2,000 pages that explain in detail the procedures and how developing evidence can be entered in a court of law.   If the rules of evidence and procedures are not followed correctly then it will not be admitted and the judge will disregard it as of no value. Many clients always complain to blue systems international private investigators that the photos and evidence presented to a judge in a court of law carried no weight or had no value.  The simple answer to the mind-boggling question is that it wasn’t introduced by a licensed private investigator and therefore, the court and the judge are not sure of the worthiness of the evidence; again a Pi can do it, not you.

private detective can do it and you

Private investigator can do it and you

A blue systems international private investigator can do it and not you is a very simple rule that everyone should understand since you can’t do what a private investigator can in any type of investigation.  Don’t waste your time, health and frustration and allow a private investigator to investigate a case for you including background checks.

Blue systems international private investigation services that a PI can do it, not you

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