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Robbery is a term that refers to a serious criminal offence that involves forcefully taking money or property of another individual by instilling fear or using violence. Robberies often result in murder. There are several types of robbery:

– Armed robbery – use of a weapon for intimidating or assaulting the victim

– Masked robbery – use of a mask to conceal the identity of a robber

– Unarmed robbery – robbery without the use of weapons

– Robbery with confining and instilling fear – intimidation of victim by restricting his/her freedom with subsequent larceny

– Attempted extortion – intimidation of the victim into surrendering the property willingly in order to avoid assault

– Unarmed assault with the intent of robbery

– Highway robbery – robbery in public or open places

– Carjacking – stealing vehicles while threatening the driver.

The following are the most important steps in robbery investigations:

– Checking the facilities alarms for operating conditions.

– Determining if there was an unauthorized access to the property.

– Determining if the response to the robbery was associated with the alarm.

– Determining if the response authorities were in possession of the sketches of high value facilities.

– Checking the closed circuit TV for operating condition during the robbery.

– Obtaining victim and witness statements.

– Evidence collection, marking, and preservation etc.





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