Denise Thomas, the mother of a 17 month old baby girl named Laia, was stripped of custody by a judge in an Orange County, CA. Denise Thomas is desperate to find her little girl because she was breast feeding the baby and had a very special bond. Without any allegations of abuse or misconduct, the Orange County Judge in the case decided that the baby shouldn’t be breast fed dispute medical recommendations to the contrary.

The father, Gary Thomas, II had baby Laia in his care at the time he was served with a restraining order out of Los Angeles County, CA; while he was at the court hearing on Friday. It was at this time that Thomas disappeared with the baby and has not been located; despite around the clock investigation by 2 private investigators. 

Blue Systems International, A private investigations firm, has been retained in this matter and has been working around the clock in an effort to locate baby Laia. If you have any information about this case or the whereabouts of Gary Thomas, II and baby Laia, please contact; Detective Michael Josef at: 714 592-8000 or Investigator Peter Fu at: 714-569-0722; OR through the website at:

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A missing 17 month old Laia Thomas has gone missing after the father Gary Thomas has been served with a restraining order.  The restraining order was issued by Los Angeles County Court on September 2, 2016 and Gary Thomas was served with the restraining order at the court.

Blue Systems International private investigation firm has been working pro bono around the clock to find Laia Thomas.  Please contact Detective Michael Josef at 714-592-8000 or Peter Fu at 714-569-0722

Statement by the Mother Denise Thomas

Denise Thomas, a mother I am begging to find her 17 month old baby girl who I was breast feeding; Until an Orange County Judge decided that the my little baby girl shouldn’t been breast fed, despite medical recommendation.

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From the day Laia was born, Up until the judge took custody away from me in June of this year, my daughter and I shared a very special bond through breastfeeding. Laia has always been very attached to me and breastfeeding. She would typically nurse 8-12 times a day and refused breastmilk from a bottle. When the judge stole that away from me, she and I were both devastated. There was no weaning time, she was cut off cold turkey, even despite having declarations filed by a professional therapist who absolutely advised against her being cut off. Shortly after the judge stole her from me, we appeared in court once again. Gary brought Laia and I held her and attempted to nurse her. Gary’s mother stripped my child out of my arms and yelled “NO! We don’t do that anymore!!!” She called Gary over and he took her to another room. Several people present in the courthouse witnessed this and looked at her in disgust. I have had 3 supervised visits with my daughter in the last month and even though she asks and wants to nurse, it is against the facility’s rules and I am forced to deny her breastmilk and bonding. It breaks my heart to not be with my daughter when I know she is looking to be comforted and nursed. She is used to sleeping on my breast nightly and now her entire world has been turned upside down.










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