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As private investigators, there area unit sure varieties of cases that we discover ourselves work once more and once more. At the highest of our list for common investigations, area unit personal injury claims. These area unit ofttimes investigated, as sure injuries area unit simply faked, tough to contradict medically and may offer important pay-offs for those people committing the fraud.

We work with employers, insurance firms and compensation representatives, once there’s doubt on the believability of a claimant’s injuries. Our job is to trace the applicant while not their information, observe them for any signs that contradict their claim and collect proof to support our observations. This info is then utilized by our shoppers to hunt legal justice against the fraud. Here may be a list of common injuries that area unit simply faked and tough to prove medically.

Soft Tissue harm

This is a classic injury and every one too common amongst those wanting somewhat of your time aloof from work, whereas still being paid, or yearning for somewhat of a Christmas bonus when a light collision. Soft tissue harm is definitely faked, as there’s a large vary of body elements that would be affected and any harm is internal, tough to spot visually and not simply detected victimization x-rays or MRI scans.

Fake Back Injuries

Related to soft tissue harm, back, neck and neural structure injuries area unit internal and tough to assess. looking forward to symptoms represented by the patient, back injuries area unit usually related to whip lash and once real will cause huge pain. this sort of injury are often quite serious, and as a result’s simply faked and exploited by fraudsters.

Fake Knee Injuries

It’s not uncommon for somebody to borrow crouches, strap on a bandage and hobble around, grimacing, so as to urge some attention. faux knee injuries area unit a good thanks to get out of some weeks of labor, associated if related to an activity coated by insurance or staff compensation, become a good thanks to build some cash whereas at it. like several faux injuries, knee issues area unit mostly internal and do not continually have visible exterior symptoms. somewhat of analysis on the net associated nearly anyone will learn to react simply the proper method throughout an examination.

Fake Head Injuries

Migraines, dizziness, anxiety, abnormal temporary state and blackout area unit all typical symptoms of a head injury, which may be simply faked by anyone with moderate acting skills. though head injuries are often assessed to some extent and sure symptoms are often dominated out as faux with totally different techniques, they’re still straightforward to faux and may be used as how to achieve undue compensation. further police investigation from a certified investigator can facilitate take away any doubt, if the claimant’s integrity is questionable.


The best thanks to verify the validity of a claimant’s injury is to look at them in their day to day routine, once they aren’t within the presence of these that area unit being defrauded. A good, tough shamus can acumen to watch and track the individual, undetected, and use the required technology to record their behaviors. it’s not uncommon for those with injuries to pay their supposed recovery time humoring in strenuous activities that they clearly shouldn’t be able to manage.

Our firm can use video police work and photography to capture arduous proof of the applicant behaving in such how that directly contradicts the injuries they need filed for or if they’re lawfully battle-scarred.

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