What you need to know, referring to the private detective to get the result

What you need to know, referring to the private detective to get the result

What you need to know, referring to the private detective to get the result

We must understand that in the market of detective services – is still quite a lot of scams, and in any case, as if it’s loud sounds – the basis for the full cooperation – mutual mutual trust, which can be done fairly quickly, based on sincerity as yours, and on our part. A written below in detail how this sincerity must look like in practice.

In the market of detective services there is a certain order of work – as a set of legal requirements, and years of experience of activity, which is the basis for fruitful cooperation.

Quality and appropriateness of cooperation with the detective agency or a private detective can be estimated by the following features of business.

You should be able at any time interested in progress of detective services.

You can refuse to carry out detective services at any time, with a detective agency under the law is a report on the work done has in fact, as you calculated in proportion to the number provided detective services.

Performing detective services should be conducted with the greatest possible discovery, if it does not harm the quality, terms of providing detective services, and does not lead to the disclosure of operational contacts detective agency ….

You provide all relevant for the provision of detective services information, including after the conclusion of the agreement and the start of the detective services, if in the course of work it appears that a substantial part of the detective to perform services or to the security of private detectives information has been hidden – cooperation can be discontinued.

You pay in advance for detective services, according to the agreement, depending on the amount of calculated costs.

Last, but most important – a detective agency under no circumstances did not disclose information obtained in the course of work on your request to anyone but you.

Our detective agency – fully comply with the requirements of the law as well as the requirements dictated by life and experience that can satisfy the wishes of the most discerning customers.

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